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High School Friends

Happy New Year! Are you close with any friends from high school? The beautiful ladies in this picture are half of our close group from HS. As many of you know so many changes and formation of our character happen in HS. It can be awkward and figuring out huge life decisions can be so scary. I'm forever grateful for the support I've gotten from these dear friends through some terrible and wonderful times we had to go through and holding each other up along the way. They've spoken purpose over my life and celebrated with me in ways that I am deeply grateful. Our senior year was filled with very hard things: one of the girls losing her mother (she was our bible study leader and a second mom to some of us), the youth group we went to falling apart because of something very sad, break ups, disappointments and confusion were around us but we still managed to find much joy and these trials made our bond all the more deep. We've shared a love for people, the Steelers, Pens, Pirates, learning, music and fun and continue to stay close even with all the changes in our lives. We've planned trips to see each other with many living far away from Pittsburgh (like me) and make an effort to continue to pour into our friendships-making it a priority to see each other when we can. Each of the ladies have a very special place in my heart. They each wow me with their special gifts and I try to learn and grow from them and respect them tremendously. They care deeply about their family, friends and serving the world with their unique gifts in chemistry, business, psychology, finance, etc. I'm so grateful to have friends I can learn from to help make me a better person and so proud of the new roles they have taken on as being amazing wives/ mothers/homeowners etc. I cherish the times we can see each other and for the dancing/singing/laughs/trips/joys/tears we've shared. Do you keep in touch with anyone from HS? Love to hear from you!


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