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Everything Sad Will Become Untrue

I was trying to make a flatlay, and 🍯🐻 wanted to be in it too. Then she messed up the flowers and ran around with one of the yellow ball shaped ones in her mouth. 😂 _____ There are so many sad and frustrating things in this life that seem like such a waste. Do you agree? _____ Many of you resonated with my last blog post about stealing my smile with frustration of what a waste of time, money, energy and physical and emotional pain it all was. I think waste frustrates us all. _____ I grew up in a family where waste wasn’t tolerated. We would have left over for days and days until every drop was eaten. My grandpa was so extreme he would cut open the inside of the toothpaste to make sure he got every last drop. _____ I still get anxious sometimes about wasting even something small and insignificant. But what about huge wastes. Like my time at that orthodontist. The time my family planned and paid for a lot of a wedding, only for it not to happen. And I’m thinking of many others. What’s a time in your life you’re thinking of right now? _____ There’s one thing that gives me peace in wasted time, emotions, money, pain etc. _____ Jesus coming to earth, living a life of love for us, only to be beaten, crucified and rejected. That seems like a complete waste, doesn’t it? The most wasteful act of love ever committed. Completely unconcerned for HIs own well being. But then Jesus’ resurrection. _____ Without the resurrection, Jesus’ death would have been the biggest waste of them all. But because of His resurrection, He will also resurrect all the other waste/sadness of this world. I think back to some different moments of pain in my life for example. Seeming compete and utterly hopeless. Like the broken engagement/wedding I talked about, but God resurrected my dream to something better than I could ever imagine. He made getting married to Caleb even greater for it was once a lost dream and now a beautiful reality of something better. _____ That’s what Jesus is in the business of doing with every single lost dream, pain, waste. If you’re overwhelmed by sadness, let’s know, “One day everything sad will become untrue”- Tim Keller Love to hear from you! 


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