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Even The Weeds Can Be Beautiful

seal ocean

Yesterday I wrote about stopping and seeing the things around you and to be grateful for them. Soon after I wrote this I went for a run and saw beautiful pink wildflowers unlike I had ever seen before in someones yard close to the sidewalk. I wanted to stop, look and admire but I said to myself “on the way back.” I was nearing the end of my run and excited to get back to the beautiful pink wild flowers and take a picture. As I turned the corner I saw the gardener packing up his lawn mower to leave that house. And yes, almost all those pretty pink wild flowers had been cut down or destroyed. I laughed at the irony of not listening to my own advice and the way life can be so much like those pink flowers. Even the weeds in our life can be beautiful if we have the eyes to see our situations. To cherish the moments as they come because they are fleeting. 🌸 I’m glad to not miss this moment with this adorable little seal. I even got to swim with some right next to me. I’m grateful for those moments I haven’t missed. What’s a cherished little moment in your life? Would love to hear from you! ✨ Today on the @beyouandthrive blog I get super real about some changes in my life over that past year that have been difficult for me. I talk about how God can bring beauty even from the tough stuff in life. Check out D’s amazing blog (the creator of Be You And Thrive) filled with encouragement and insight! Click Here!


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