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You are loved beyond measure

Dear Caleb, On Your Birthday...

Today is my favorite holiday, other than Christmas. It’s my love Caleb’s Birthday today!! So I wanted to write him a little note on here, and you guys can read it too if you’d like. 💌 Dearest Caleb, You being in this world is my favorite thing ever. I praise God today for making such a wonderfully man as you. You have and continue to bring so much light into my heart and life.  I wish I had the words to accurately describe how you impact my life everyday. You empower me to be more than I could ever dreamed. You speak truth over me just at the right times and being near you brings me so much peace and comfort. 

When I was a little girl I had a dream to meet my prince. But life sucked that dream out of my heart.  I decided having a sweet love story didn’t need to be for me. Then you came into my life, and that all changed. You give me the sweetest love story everyday. You encourage me to be the best version of myself and support and spur me on to every dream in have. Your sacrifice for this daily means the world to me. You have the biggest heart. It’s so kind and beautiful and I cherish every moment I get with the hilarious, joyful, beautiful light you are. You inspire me with your determination, how you want to do everything to the best of your ability, your integrity, loyalty. I celebrate your life today and everyday. I hope you have the best day my best friend and my love. 💌 Even if it’s not their birthday, who is someone you want to celebrate for the way they impact your life today? Love hearing for you! 📷: @emily.magers 


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