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You are loved beyond measure

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

What’s something you loved doing as a kid you still love to do now? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Caleb calls me crouching tiger hidden dragon almost every time we shoot. He lovingly jokes about my stealthiness to get intimate shots during wedding days. He’s held me tight so I wouldn’t fall off a roof or while I was standing on a ledge to get a specific shot. We have each others back when we almost run into a trees/people while walking backwards to get walking shots of our couples or families. We’ve gotten soaking wet getting water shots and usually covered in dirt because I’m not afraid to get on the ground to get a shot of a little one.

I’ve always loved pictures, and taking pictures. I just posted a video to prove it, from a family Christmas in 1995. After high school graduation I gave the biggest picture collages to all my closest friends. My wall in college was covered in pictures. My storage was always filled to the brim with pictures. For years I would capture moments for my friends & family, always giving pictures as gifts and now I get to do what I love full time.

Last year I took at least 5 classes a day online. Met with great photographers. Learned from the best. Asked my uncle (who is a photographer) so many questions. Got all the best gear. And have been living my dream.

My dream has been to help create heirlooms for people with a best friend.

And there’s no greater joy than to do this with husband, my best friend, the love of my life, my P.I.C. (partner in crime) it fills us with joy to the brim to capture memories that people can hold onto. We get to shoot 2 weddings this weekend. We can’t wait to love on our clients and encourage their love and marriage!

Don’t miss out on the special moments in front of you today, friends. Our time is so precious with our loved ones. (A good reminder for me too.)

What’s something you loved doing as a kid you still love to do now? We can’t wait to hear from you!


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