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Blizzy Our First Pet

Why is she so stinkin' cute? I know your not supposed to have favorites, but low key this animal of ours holds a very special place in our hearts, because she's Caleb and my first animal together. This sweetie is Blizzy, a dwarf 🐰 bunny. She's only a pound and a half and 2 1/2 years old and the sweetest baby ever! . 2 days before my grandfather, 'Pappy' passed away we got her. He was one of my best friends, hero and like a father to me. Blizzy caught so many tears as I non-stop cuddled her through the pain. She was so sweet and never fussed. I took her hiking with me, to the park and even to the beach. It's amazing how animals can bring a bit of comfort and love in hard times. . I'm still missing my grandpa a lot, Pappy my pen pal (a devo I write about the letters he wrote me) has been too hard to write lately but hopefully I'll get the courage again soon. What's something that's brought you a bit of comfort in a hard time? 


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