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Being A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer

I love my job! It’s such a gift to be invited into someones life, at such a special moments to take pictures so they’ll always remember. I was really sold on this job as a photographer after this wedding, and seeing the reaction of Pilar the bride with tears of joy streaming down her face. It made all the months of classes, sacrifices and hard work worth it. I love this beautiful family.


I asked Wendy @wendalynnnnn my dear friend and Pilar’s daughter) to share about her experience with us and this is what she shared: “The thing that sets this couple apart to do this work is that they truly pour their whole heart into every picture, fully capturing the moment through loving eyes. Not only was each picture beautifully stunning, but as I saw the pictures, I felt so present with the emotion and love behind the lens. Stefanie and Caleb were patient, kind, loving, and professional in every aspect. What I took away more than anything is their heart for every single person that they spoke to and took pictures of, especially my parents in their special day. Stefanie and Caleb truly made their dreams come true. My parents have never had real photographs taken, and more than anything, all they could keep saying was how loved, celebrated, and special they felt as Stefanie and Caleb directed them and took their photos. I recommend Unshakable Crown for anyone who is not just looking for amazing photos, but also the heart behind each moment captured. You won't regret it. Stefanie and Caleb are family to us for always, and I am forever thankful to have shared such a special day with such a talented couple. My family and I will cherish these pictures forever, thank you Unshakable Crown!!” We would love to get connected to you if you’re looking for pictures taken! Link in bio 👆or

What’s a moment in your life that made your current job ‘worth it’. Would love to hear about it!💕


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