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Are You Killing The Spiders?

Are you dealing with the root of your problem, or putting nice band-aids on a deep wound? It breaks my heart when I see people try to quick fix something in their lives that needs a lot more attention. For whatever reason, God gave me the biggest conviction to deal with things from the root. Instead of getting rid of the cobwebs, killing the spider so to speak.  And that’s what I help other people do in their lives. ___ When people try to cope with their problems alone, are drained with worry, they many times cope in very distractive ways (over/under-eating, alcohol, withdraw from others etc) that causes many problems in their relationships. Many time people go to things (even healthy things, meditation, working out, etc) that temporary releases their pain, but doesn’t actually find the root of the problem. ___ I think healthy ways of dealing with pain is so important, but getting to the root of the problem is what actually stops it at it’s source. Those healthy ways can help clear our the “cobwebs” but they’ll keep coming back. ___ @proverbs31ministries devo talked about this today, and reaffirmed our mission. It encouraged me in what Caleb and I have been spending most of our time and energy on- our Cultivate Relationship course/mentorship. The “spiders” are agreements we’ve made with a lie in our life. In our course, we help women recognize the agreements they’ve made with toxic thoughts in their life that is causing them to cope in such destructive ways, not allowing them to have a healthy thriving relationship. ___ The women in our course are experiencing so much more joy, peace and love in their life. They’re setting themselves up for the most thriving relationship possible long term for them. Not just a quick fix, not just getting rid of the cobwebs, not just putting a band-aid over a deep wound. But getting real healing that in such a short time has already upgraded every other area of their life. And nothing makes Caleb and I happier! ___ Do you know someone who needs to kill some “spiders” in their lives? Love to hear from you! ___ Check out our free webinar (link in bio) to see how we do this. 


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