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Adventure Day

Many weekends we like to take an adventure day. We started this tradition when we were dating and have continued it for years now. We have our go to spots around Southern California that are our favorites. These days have been some of my favorites in my life. It’s amazing to get away, put down our phones and be present with each other- stepping away from the fast pace life we can a lot of times live. This past weekend we choose a go to- El Matador State Beach and then Santa Monica Pier. We drove past the Bachelor mansion on the way, sang songs and talked about life on our hour drive. We pack some snacks and extra clothes and water for our day trips. We walked around here for a while, drove to Santa Monica and walked along the pier, had a early dinner at Bubba Gump Shirmp’s and went into some stores at the Promenade listening to great musicians and watched talented people dance along the way. We ended the night watching Forrest Gump back at our place. I’m grateful that the more adventures we’ve gone on, the more I’ve gotten to learn about this amazing man, and the more I love him. Life can get us down sometimes, but we like to remember to take time to just be, to play and to celebrate the beauty around us. Do you have a go to ‘adventure’ place to visit? We love to hear from you!


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