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Why Do I Talk About God?

Hey Friends! I’m Stefanie. You might have wondered why I share about God so much. Here is a piece of my story for you to understand more: My life drastically changed about 9 years ago. I was going through a time where it seemed I had so much in the world’s eyes but felt utterly miserable inside. I was planning suicide and was in a dark depression, although very few knew it. One of my friends told me to try going all in with God. The friend knew I had dabbled in Christianity at different times in my life but said it’s a very different ball game when you place 100% of your trust and hope in Jesus. Jesus was helping me in that dark time more than I even know and I made the decision to follow Christ with my entire life. I gave up a lot, but gained way more in the way of peace and love throughout the years. It hasn’t been all flowers since then. I’ve gone through a painful broken engagement, I was excluded from family and friends for a time, had a ‘Christian’ boss sexually harass me, been persecuted, seen the ugly judgmental/jealousy side of bitter Christians in the work place and church, etc. I’ve hurt people along the way but there’s also been such a beautiful side. I’ve seen the way Jesus redeems brokenness for impossible situations that He makes possible. I’ve met the man of my dreams, Caleb-the best husband in the world. My relationship with family and many friends is restored, I’ve seen family members turn from painful ways into the loving arms of Jesus. God can even use the ugly side of things for His glory and He’s taught me about forgiveness and prayer in a new way. He’s teaching me about grace and love as I recover from self-hatred and am learning to love God, others and myself more as I receive more of His grace, joy and love from Him. Christians are flawed and can misrepresent God. I’m so sorry if you’ve ever been judged, ostracized, etc by a Christian. Jesus is the real representation of love and even His disciples and holy people in the Bible got it wrong so often. So grateful for positive humble leaders! Would love to learn more about your story! P.S. New podcast: about something even my closest friends don’t know. Unshakable Crown on iTunes

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