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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!! The older I get the more I realize the sacrifices my mom made for me. As a kid you believe your parents know everything and they have life all together. But now I know that’s not true, and being a mother is constantly learning and growing and giving selflessly to a family. From Stefanie: I’m so grateful for my mom always being a listening ear to talk to. Even though we live so far apart we talk so often and laugh and cry together. She is an amazing hostess, cook, and has such a heart for those in need of love. She always makes Caleb and I laugh and gives so generously to us all the time. My mom always pushed me to try my hardest. She always made sure I did all my homework, never let me miss a day of school and taught me to be disciplined. I remember her making me say hi to each person we would ever pass by name if I knew it. It’s pushed me to grow in people skills and see the value and worth in each person I see. From Caleb: My mom always has unconditional love for my brothers and I, as well as for my dad. Willing to give up her dreams for me and my brothers has been something I have grown increasingly more grateful and astonished about over the years as I  chase mine. She’s given up so much in her life in order to raise us the "right" way. And you know what, she'd do it all over again if she could. I am so thankful for all of the great memories we built as a family growing up, and I will never forget all of the crazy road trips, visits to the zoo, and sporting events we all went to together. My mom has always been there for me, and I am so thankful for the many ways she continues to love me and Stefanie. Thanks to all the beautiful Mother’s out there today! Thinking about dear friends that have now become momma’s, one’s that want to be mom’s, one’s that have been mom’s for a long time, or those who have lost their mother’s I pray that your heart be full of love today and continue bringing that mother’s heart of love to children and animals. Let God help your in your weakness and trust in Him, His grace is enough as you press on to this most important role of being a parent. Thank you SO much mom's and grandma's! 


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