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A portion of proceeds is donated to help those in need

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For all the money we make in our business a portion of proceeds is donated to a non-profit organization. They are organizations that Stefanie & Caleb proudly supports.

Our main goal is to help instill value and worth over people’s lives.  We believe that each person is made in God’s image.

We believe God gives purpose and value over each life. Jesus died for us, & His crown is unshakable, and

He bestows the gift of being His beloved to each of us. 

Marriage and family is at the heart of God’s very good creation, but has been very broken because of the fall. Supporting the beauty of marriage and family is something so near and dear to our hearts. We believe in encouraging marriages & families, and those who feel abandoned, to speak hope over the downcast and see God turn ashes into beauty.

Our Mission:

Content With Purpose

Our Why:

“The secret to life is to give your life away.”-Mrs. Steidel a dear deceased mentor of mine that made a huge impact on my life in high school would tell our Bible study all the time.  She also told us this is how to become a World Changer.


From a young age my grandpa taught me this truth, too. He was always thinking about what he could do and give to others and would take my sister and I along with him. We would go with him to pack up meals for those who didn’t have enough to eat, go to the Veterans hospital to bring joy to someones day and visit a nursing home to provide company for those who were lonely.

These times with my grandpa and the way I saw him love people so generously with his time and money has made a lasting impact on my heart.

I’ve always found photos so engaging.

I’m a visual learner and realized after I got back from a missions trip to an orphanage in Rwanda that people could understand my story in a profound way because of the pictures my team and I took. 

Rwanda  changed my life. Serving at an orphanage there changed my perspective of the world. I've been looking for ways to bless these amazing people and others who struggle with the basic necessities in life, ever since this trip. 

Before I ever bought a camera for our company, I bought one for the orphanage in Rwanda so they could better help tell their story. We would love you to join with us to help change peoples lives through photography!


Here is where we give, and you get a choice!

Be Apart of Changing The World:

Because the secret to a joyful life is making a positive impact on others.

Where We Give:

The Dream Center:

A Dream of Changing Lives  

Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization that finds and fills the needs of over 40,000 individuals and families through approximately 70,000 encounters each month, with many accessing multiple services.

They do this through mobile hunger relief and medical programs, residential rehabilitation programs for adults, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, transitional housing for homeless families, foster care intervention programs, job skills training, life skills, counseling, basic education, Bible studies and more. They work to meet people where they are at, to bring them hope and a way off the streets.


They also equip others to serve. The Dream Center’s record of success has attracted urban missionaries and Christian leaders from across the U.S. and the world. As they volunteer with them, they gain insight and skills that they can take back to their own communities.


In this way, more than 100 independent Dream Centers have been launched nationally, as well as internationally. Many more churches and ministries have become more effective as they teach those who give their time and talent to do what we do. Many who once needed their services also go on to help others.




Compassion International 


Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name is a mission about love. We love God, and we demonstrate our love and live out our faith by extending care to others and living out the meaning of compassion.

Compassion means "to suffer with," and it combines sympathy with an active response. Because we are compassionate we act to lessen the suffering of children in poverty. We offer our programs to the poorest of the poor, to the children in greatest need, without ulterior motive. We devote ourselves to helping children of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and race — without imposing any religious obligation or conversion requirement upon them.

We simply aspire to be like our Savior, Jesus Christ, in who we are and what we do.


Say Hello!

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Stefanie Rouse. We are excited to connect with you! Please fill out the info below or email us directly. 

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