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Trials of Life

How do you get through the trials of life? One of my favorite memories from my youth was being a cross country runner. Now I know that I do not look the runner type at 6'5", but with a very successful coach as a dad, I was bound to be a runner at some point. Every summer we would go to Kings Canyon National Park and prepare for the season. We ran about 120 miles in 8 days of pure mountain trails. On one of the runs we did, we ran through some areas where the trail was surrounded with green ferns. When I saw this picture it took me back to those moments running in the mountains. It took so much mental toughness and perseverance to get through those runs. I also remember our bible verse chants during our runs, "NOT BY MIGHT, NOT BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT, SAYS THE LORD!" Those times in my life gave me so much strength for later in life. I often draw upon that same strength to help Stefanie and I to get through the tough situations in our lives. God always seemed to provide me just enough to get through those runs. It had been the same later in life, God is always dependable, His grace always sufficient, and His love conquers all of life's obstacles. What is something you draw upon to give you strength through life's trials? We love hearing from you!


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