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They Said Our Special Love Wouldn’t Last

Caleb and I worked together at a Christian school when we first got married (I taught about relationships & Bible, Caleb taught History). We literally started working this job together just a couple days after we said “I do.” 

Many married co-workers at this Christian school told us our special love wouldn’t last. Caleb would bring me a snack, I would bring him a sweet note. They said we were just in our honeymoon phase and don’t get used to the nice things we would do for each other. That was sad & discouraging words to hear for a couple that just had been married a few weeks/months. And the things they were saying were lies. I know it was their story, but I also know it didn’t have to be. We have seen love last in relationships, and want that lasting love to be our story, and help others to have that be their story too. After almost 5 years of marriage, we are more in love, know how to love each other better, are even more excited to see each other, able to be ourselves and even more joyful than ever before. The sweet things we do for each other: it still happens everyday. The spark hasn’t died, but there were certainly some decisions we had to make along the way (and will continue to make) that allow us to be this way. We had times where we could have cut off from each other, emotionally withdrawn, hid who we were, let conflict and tough stuff hold us back and sever our relationship. But instead, we’ve done and continue to do the work we teach about in our webinar & course (link here)  That’s why we’re so passionate about the class. We know the stuff we teach really works. The love can last, withdrawing emotionally from your spouse doesn’t need to be your story.  If you’re single, continually getting into the same types of relationships that aren’t right for you over and over again doesn’t need to be your story. If you’re married, has anyone told you that your love wouldn’t last? If your single, are you attracting the right type of people in your life? Would love to hear from you!! 


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