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The Real Reason I Was Jumping Into His Arms

Happy FRIDAY!!! My cute husband told me today that “this day in history” in the year 1916 the National Park Service was created.  Looking over all the National Parks it’s amazing to see the gorgeous ones we’ve visited You can’t tell from this picture, but we are actually in Colorado. There are big snow topped mountains next to us. It’s called the Great Sand Dunes National Park and it’s insane! I started yelling with excitement when I saw a humongous sand mountain next to streams and mountains with snow. It was all these crazy elements I loved all right next to each other. I love water, sand, and mountains and I told Caleb that this was my new favorite place ever as I ran out of the car without reading any of the warning on the Visitor Guide. We were there mid day, and many people were in long sleeves and pants, and it was in the 70’s. I figured since it was just sand we could walk in sandals and bare feet. But the warnings that I did NOT read, said otherwise and that the sand reaches temperatures of 150 degrees mid day. Our feet were on fire. It was super painful. This picture may look cute that I just wanted to jump in his arms to be so close to him. But the truth is, the sand was so hot it was the best break to be out of the sand for a couple seconds. 😂 The wind is intense and I found sand in my hair for the next three days. The sand hurt as it pelted me until I was curled up in a ball hiding. People were wearing goggles and sand boarding or sliding down the sand mounds. So we had an awesome time, but if we ever go again, which I would love to, we will be more prepared to have a better time where our feet don’t hurt for the next three days and we feel like we are in the torture of hell. But seriously, it was awesome. Have you ever had an experience that reminds you of this? What are you up to this weekend? Love to hear from you!! 


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