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Talkin' Cowboys- The Season to Believe

The Season to Believe

With another win in the books, the Dallas Cowboys are 3-1 and looking great in the absence of Tony Romo. This scenario is the polar opposite from a season ago where the Cowboys went 1-11 without their franchise quarterback and 0-5 without Dez Bryant and Romo. With Rookies leading the team, this is quickly becoming the season to believe for Cowboys fans across the nation. Now it can be said that the competition has not been strong, but anybody who follows the NFL knows that a win is a win and you take them in any way that you can get them. This Cowboys team is continuing to impress as each game goes on.

The Cowboys have been impressive on both sides of the ball considering the absence of key players due to injury and suspension. It started out as a season full of optimism, with everyone finally healthy again, the Cowboys looked like contenders, but with the Romo injury in the preseason all hope was lost. Now a team led by two rookies, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are making waves in the NFL. Elliott, who was picked by many to be the offensive rookie of the year this season is living up to the hype thus far in 2016, already leading the NFL in rushing yards at 412 behind that amazing offensive line. Elliott has shined brightly in the past three games improving in each contest in route to three straight victories. It seems that the Cowboys are going back to what made them successful in 2014, pounding the football on the ground.

Now let’s talk about the most important position on the field at quarterback. Dak Prescott has been fantastic this season under center for the Cowboys. The fourth round pick out of Mississippi State has completed 68% of his passes for 1,012 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions. Those are great numbers even for a seasoned veteran through four games, much less a rookie. Prescott has impressed with his on-field presence, guiding an injury ridden team to victory three straight times. If you had told me we would be 3-1 this year without Tony Romo, I would have said you were crazy.

I am dubbing this season the “Season to Believe” because thus far it has given us hope for the future, and reason to believe in this Cowboys team. This roster is full of talented youth, and the coaches are finding ways to bring out that talent. These are exciting times for us Cowboys fans and we hope that the good times keep rolling. The true test will be in week 5 as the Cowboys take on the Bengals at home.


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