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You are loved beyond measure

So Much Joy!

So grateful for the weekend! What about you guys? The room was filled with anticipation. The stage had been set, Johnny had taken his place at the altar. Awaiting his bride, Sonia. People from all over had gathered, people from years of friendship, toils, and tears. It was a moment for the ages as the doors to the chapel swung open and the tears began to flow. Johnny could now finally have his day come, he had found his perfect match. Sonia had her Prince Charming. As Sonia in all her splendor stepped through the doorway the room gasped and all eyes were on her as she made her way down to her teary-eyed and overjoyed groom. Their eyes met in this moment and you could see the years of searching, the months waiting, all come to a head in this moment as they looked lovingly into each others eyes. Many years they had waited for their perfect match, often being told you’re too picky or you’ll never find someone with those expectations and sure enough on this Day, there was proof. That faith in God to provide, and faith that He would bring their perfect partner came true. Sonia couldn’t stop smiling and crying all day, the joy in the hearts of this couple was apparent in all they did through these moments. And even when we got to steal them away for their after ceremony shots, they were completely and utterly in awe and in love with each other. It was such a special day and one that we all will remember As the day they married their perfect match. We are so blessed to have been apart of this beautiful day! Hope you enjoy some teasers from their day! Photography: @unshakablecrown , Stefanie & Caleb Rouse First Church of the Nazarene Wedding Coordinator: Cynthia Perdue Florist: Drea Canales Makeup & hair artist: Myline Cabico What are you up to this weekend? P.S. Only one more week for our 2017 prices, so if your planning a wedding or want a photoshoot email us (link above) ASAP! Can’t wait to hear from you! 


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