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Premier League

Tottenham Lacks Killer Instinct

After a third place finish from a season before, Tottenham Hotspurs have proved yet again that they belong with the “Big Boys” in the Barclays Premier League. With an undefeated start to the 16-17 season, the Spurs are looking to be title contenders again. Mauricio Pochettino has a very young talented team at his disposal, and Tottenham looks to push for a Champions League spot for the second year in a row. When you look at the record with Tottenham, who currently sit fifth in the table, there does not seem to be any glaring weaknesses. Especially since they are the lone unbeaten team. But if you were to pinpoint one issue with this team it is that they lack the scoring that other top teams seem to have. Harry Kane (last year’s golden boot winner) has seemed a shadow of his former self this year after a disastrous Euro campaign with England.

Tottenham lacks the killer instinct needed to put away lower level teams in games that they should win. For instance, drawing with both Bournemouth and West Brom the past two weeks is simply unacceptable for a team of this caliber with title aspirations. In those two games, you have to come away with at least four points if not six to continue to push the other teams in the league. Instead of being four points up on everyone, they sit one point behind while still being the only unbeaten team in the league.

On paper, the additions of Moussa Sissoko and Vincent Janssen would help to alleviate the pressure off of Kane and company, but it seems to have done little to provide more goals for Tottenham. This season is one that is up for grabs for these spurs. The Premier League has not been this open in years and this would be the perfect opportunity to seize their first title in 50 years. This weekend they take on defending champions Leicester City, and hopefully they can get back to their winning ways in that tough matchup at White Heart Lane.


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