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Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

  1. Denver Broncos (4-0) – The Broncos reclaim the top spot on the Power rankings after another impressive win this season. I probably should never have moved them down, but they continue to dominate opponents behind that great defense led by Von Miller, and the emerging offense. If Siemian sits this week, it might be a hard game against the Falcons.

  2. Minnesota Vikings (4-0) – The Vikings are the best team in the NFC and have a defense that rivals the Broncos. They completely shut down OBJ and caused a media circus around him. With Bradford leading the charge, Vikings fans are already forgetting about Bridgewater and looking to see what this team can do this season.

  3. New England Patriots (3-1) – Just like last week for the Steelers, I am giving the Patriots the benefit of the doubt this week as they took a hard loss against the Bills. A Brady-less Patriots team lacked inspiration and the will to win against an hyped up Bills team. But with