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Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

  1. Denver Broncos (4-0) – The Broncos reclaim the top spot on the Power rankings after another impressive win this season. I probably should never have moved them down, but they continue to dominate opponents behind that great defense led by Von Miller, and the emerging offense. If Siemian sits this week, it might be a hard game against the Falcons.

  2. Minnesota Vikings (4-0) – The Vikings are the best team in the NFC and have a defense that rivals the Broncos. They completely shut down OBJ and caused a media circus around him. With Bradford leading the charge, Vikings fans are already forgetting about Bridgewater and looking to see what this team can do this season.

  3. New England Patriots (3-1) – Just like last week for the Steelers, I am giving the Patriots the benefit of the doubt this week as they took a hard loss against the Bills. A Brady-less Patriots team lacked inspiration and the will to win against an hyped up Bills team. But with Brady coming back, the Patriots are instant-contenders and stay in the top three this week for power rankings.

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) –. The Steelers bounced back in their “redemption week” game against the Chiefs. They completely dominated on both sides of the ball in route to a blowout win. Big Ben threw five touchdown passes in this game and he has a favorable matchup against the Jets defense this week. The Steelers are back on track with LeVeon Bell in the lineup and will be the team to beat in the AFC North.

  5. Seattle Seahawks (3-1) – The Seahawks have been increasingly more impressive as the weeks go on in route to a 3-1 start. Wilson has played injured all season and is showing the pocket presence that many doubted he had for the first few years of his career. He is poised and confident behind their offensive line, it will be interesting to see who comes out of that division on top this year.

  6. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) – The Eagles come off a bye week this week against the Lions in Detroit. Bye weeks can be a blessing or a curse for teams on a hot streak or with many injuries. I think this coming week is a trap game for this Eagles team and could see them slip up for the first time this season.

  7. Dallas Cowboys (3-1) – The Cowboys showed that this is a different season overcoming an early deficit to beat the 49ers in Santa Clara in route to their 3-1 start. Elliott, who is now the NFL’s leading rusher, is getting better by the week. And with the Cowboys playing smash-mouth football like they did 2014, they seem to be a dark horse in the NFC. Key defensive players come back this week, and Dez Bryant and Romo(like we need him) set to come back soon as well.

  8. Green Bay Packers (2-1) – The Packers are also coming off of a bye week are set to take on the Giants at home. The Packers have looked better by the week and with a break to get things more settled they might just come out even better. They seem to be the only hope for any team thinking of beating the Vikings in the NFC North.

  9. Atlanta Falcons (3-1) – They are doing it again! Exploding through the first few weeks of the season. Jones was a monster putting up video game numbers in week 4 with 300 yards receiving. Wondering if they will cool off again or push to win that division on a down year. The Falcons take on a Broncos team in week 5 that is a winnable game for them.

  10. Los Angeles Rams (3-1) – The Rams are looking fantastic. After week 1, I completely wrote them off for the season to be a bust. But with a three game winning streak in hand, they are looking to be strong contenders to win their division in the NFC West. The defense is playing good, they just need to get Gurley going in order to really start dominating games.

  11. Oakland Raiders (3-1) – The Raiders are getting more impressive by the week. With an impressive win last week against the Ravens, the Raiders are edging closer to getting in the top ten. This young Raiders offense is carrying the team right now.

  12. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) – The Bengals have had a rough schedule so far this season with two losses to the Broncos and the Steelers. AJ Green is playing like the top 3 wide receiver that he is, they face a tough test in Dallas this week against the Cowboys led by Ezekiel Elliott.

  13. Buffalo Bills (2-2) – The Bills got a statement win over the Patriots this past weekend taking it to New England in route to an emphatic 16-0 win. Bills face a stiff defense in the Rams this week. This could turn out to be a great game. Bills are riding a two game winning streak and look to continue to get better by the week.

  14. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) – Ravens lost to an emerging Raiders team this past week by one point, showing that they really are the real deal this season. The Ravens will have a hard time in the NFL’s hardest division, but they are much improved from last year.

  15. Kansas City Chiefs (2-2) – The Chiefs either win impressively, or they get blown out, inconsistency has been their issue this year. Hopefully they can right the ship, their division is very tough and to get that wildcard spot they need to get things right.

  16. New York Giants (2-2) – Giants are riding a two game losing streak and head into a tough test in Green Bay this week. They live and die by OBJ, and with him throwing hissy fits like a baby, this losing streak looks to stay alive.

  17. Houston Texans (3-1) – The Texans are probably better than this spot I have given them, but it’s possible that I am still getting over that 27-0 blowout by the Patriots in week 3. The Texans face a hard test in the Vikings this week which will be a tough matchup.

  18. Washington Redskins (2-2) – Redskins live and die by the arm of Kirk Cousins. He is starting to look like their franchise quarterback and has improved greatly over the past couple of weeks.

  19. Arizona Cardinals (1-3) – Disappointment. This team has looked atrocious as of late, with expectations through the roof to start the season the Cardinals have been extremely unimpressive, getting torched on defense and with the recent loss of Carson Palmer this week things are looking much worse.

  20. Carolina Panthers (1-3) – Talk about disappointment, the Panthers have also looked terrible and are facing a choice to either get out of the current situation or make excuses and continue to lose games. The decision to let Norman go in the offseason looks worse by the week.

  21. Detroit Lions (1-3) – I gave my faith to the Lions in week 4 against the Bears and they let me down. They lost to a injury ridden Bears team who never looked like they were losing that game. The Lions are better than that and should post a winning record by season’s end.

  22. Tennessee Titans (1-3) – Titans are also better than their record shows, with a potent run game behind DeMarco Murray, it is only a matter of time before they get this thing rolling, especially in their division.

  23. New York Jets (1-3) – The Jets are another disappointment, but what do you expect? A good defense…maybe. But Fitzpatrick was on hold out for much of the offseason and it shows by the way he is playing. This Jets team has no business being here, but I expect them to drop again this week against the Steelers.

  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3) – The Buccaneers are fading by the week. Winston looked good in one game this season, the first one. Then, he dropped off like a fifth string rookie on a high school team. Winston is turnover prone, and his decision making is less than questionable. The Buccaneers need to fix this…like last week.

  25. San Francisco 49ers (1-3) – 49ers looked like they were going to cruise to victory last week in the first quarter against Dallas. But with a collapse in the final three quarters, the 49ers are facing an uphill battle in their division. They have a winnable game against the Cardinals this week and could start to move forward in this 2016 season.

  26. New Orleans Saints (1-3) – The Saints were on the lucky end of another Chargers collapse last Sunday as they scored two touchdowns in the final three minutes to seal their first win of the season. With a bye week this week hopefully they can work out the kinks in the armor and come away with another victory in week 6.

  27. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) – The Jags were another team that surprised me last week with a win over the oh-so-close Colts in London. The Jags have a top 15 defense behind rookie corner Jalen Ramsey, and this offense is just waiting to explode.

  28. Miami Dolphins (1-3) – The Dolphins are the most talented yet worst prepared team in football. They have looked awful and are barely hanging on in that AFC East division. If they want any chance this season, they better figure it out.

  29. Chicago Bears (1-3) – The Bears got a win. I was astonished that they were able to shut down Stafford and the Lions. Great job by this team for not quitting when the going gets tough. Hoyer is doing a great job leading this team.

  30. San Diego Chargers (1-3) – Oh the Chargers, they are a team with so much promise, they should honestly be 4-0 right now, but they continue to fall apart in games and will continue to do so until some type of change is made. The luck is against this team this year.

  31. Indianapolis Colts (1-3) – Speaking of LUCK against you. The Colts are a disappointing 1-3 this year with their starting quarterback back from injury this season. They could also easily be 3-1, but just can’t seem to finish games. The defense has not helped this offense out. Luck needs some more weapons, he can’t be a miracle worker every week.

  32. Cleveland Browns (0-4) – The Browns have this spot only because they have not won any games. They seem to hang in there week after week, but one of these days they are going to pull one out for their first win. Just not this week as they will remain in this spot after they get blown out by the Patriots and the Return of the King.


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