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Our Wedding Song

beach woman

One of our favorite things to do is to jam out to our favorite music and tell each other about songs that we like and that hold special meaning to us. We laugh and sing for hours along the coasts of California, singing everything from worship music to rap and even some country. This is one of the ways that help us to get to know each other and to hear the special meanings of songs for each of us. 🎼 Music and lyrics can speak to us at crucial moments in our lives and God can definitely speak truth to us through those moments as well. This is actually how we found our wedding song, "when I say I do" by Matthew West. I had told her that I had heard this song about getting married and knowing that there is a God because of the person you love. In this case, it was Stefanie for me. And then a very interesting thing happened, we were driving home from Malibu on one of our first couple dates, and as the song played we as listened in silence, tears almost coming to the both of us as we heard the different tender moments from the song. And when it finished we both looked at each other and I remember thinking to myself, "that is exactly how I feel about her, Stefanie is proof that God exists and that He loves me, there is no other way I could be here with her in this moment." I think she also was having a moment with the same sentiment, and that was then and there when we decided that it was going to be our wedding song someday if we were to get married. I truly believe that God was slowly sealing the deal for us through those moments together where He spoke to our hearts. Those are moments that I cherish greatly and deeply in my heart. I'm reminded of those moments taking this picture of Stefanie on the beach. Thinking about the song "It girl" by Jason Derulo, and in so many ways she is my "It Girl". She brings light, hope, joy and love to my life and is the living example of Gods love to my every day. Stefanie definitely has "It" and that is something that speaks perfectly to my heart and is in line with what God is doing in our lives together. What is a song that has special meaning to you? We always love to hear from you!


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