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NFL Week 15 Predictions

NFL Week 15 – Predictions

Week 10 Predictions Record: 12-4

Season Predictions Record: 102-57

We are back with our week 15 predictions for the 2016 NFL season. With fourteen weeks in the books the 2016 NFL season is already beginning to take shape. I just passed 100 correct predictions for the season and my confidence is at an all-time high. Be sure to take a look at the power rankings going into this week to see which times might rise and which teams might fall. I am anxious to get on with predictions, I am hopeful to keep this winning predictions record alive this week. Here are the picks for week 15 in the NFL.

Teams on Bye: None



Rams vs. Seahawks

Preview: Our Thursday Night Football game features two NFC West teams at very different ends of the competitive spectrum. You have the Seahawks, who are in the number two spot in the NFC currently and the Rams who have just fired their coach and searching for wins wherever they can get them. A bit of history here, the Rams have been dominant in the past few meetings between these two teams. Even this season, where the Rams only have 4 wins, they grabbed one at home against the Seahawks in week 2. This game WILL be very different. With rookie quarterback Goff at the helm, he will be tested over and over again against this defense. This game could get very ugly as the Seahawks are in need of a win and would like to put this division away as soon as possible. Look for the Hawks to get back on track this week in this matchup and cruise to victory.




Lions vs. Giants

Preview: Our game of the week should be an exciting matchup between the Giants and the Lions. The Giants are coming off of a huge win against division rival the Cowboys. And the Lions are putting together one of their most solid seasons as of late in leading the NFC North. The Lions would be one more game closer to clinching their spot with a win, while the Giants would look to get closer to locking up the wild card spot with a victory at home. This game will come down to how well the Giants defense can play again this week, if they can put together a solid game again, they should be able to win this one. But with Stafford playing like he is, I just am not sure that is going to happen. It’s one thing to beat a team that you play twice a year, it’s another thing to beat a streaking team that you face far less often. This game will be exciting and hopefully Manning and OBJ can put together more magic to make this game interesting.



Buccaneers vs. Cowboys

Preview: A great matchup this week in Texas, as the Buccaneers come to town to face the Dallas Cowboys. The Buccaneers have been on a hot streak, putting up wins against the Chiefs and Seahawks. The Bucs are looking to completely legitimize their season with another win over an NFC powerhouse in the Cowboys. This game should be an interesting matchup, normally this would be a no brainer with the Cowboys being a more complete team, but with the X-factor (which is the Buccaneers defense) playing so well and getting turnovers, you have to take a closer look at this game. The Cowboys will look to bounce back this week in a game where they should dominate on the line of scrimmage and be able to stop this Winston passing attack. The Cowboys have too many weapons on offense for the Bucs to stop and it should be a 5-6 point victory for the Cowboys. Look for Dak to have a monster game in bouncing back from his horrible showing last week.



Dolphins vs. Jets

Preview: This matchup will be a whole lot more interesting with the latest Tannehill news. Since the quarterback will be out for the Dolphins with Matt Moore to start this Sunday against the Jets. The Jets have struggled to put anything together this season worthy of a positive result. But this game should still go in favor of the Dolphins, the team as a whole is playing a lot better than the Jets right now, and with a whole lot more to play for. The Dolphins take this one on the road.



Packers vs. Bears

Preview: The Packers are surging right now, and even if they win out they could still miss the playoffs at 10-6. But this week they still have to get past the Bears. Divisional games are always tough no matter who you are playing and how well (or not) their season is going, so expect a pretty close game here, but the Packers have the edge with how Rodgers has been playing and they should come away with a win here to put more pressure on the Lions in the divisional race.



Browns vs. Bills

Preview: The Bills finally get a break here and play some poor competition; this should be an easy game for this team and will allow some type of confidence to emerge. Rex Ryan needs all the help he can get as far as wins to keep his job. Somehow some way he always seems to keep his jobs longer than he probably should. But this week the Bills should cruise to victory.



Eagles vs. Ravens

Preview: The Eagles and Ravens face off this week in Baltimore in a key game for the Ravens. The Eagles are out of the playoff race this season and will look to be spoilers to people trying to stay in the hunt. This game will be close because both offenses stink, but with the way that the Ravens are playing right now, they should be able to close this one out pretty early and grab a victory at home.



Titans vs. Chiefs

Preview: A close game to call, as both teams have a lot to play for. The Chiefs are right in the hunt for the AFC number one and two seed, while the Titans are trying to keep pace with the Texans in the divisional race. The Titans were able to knock off the Broncos last week in a tight matchup, but they will face another tough defensive unit in the Chiefs, who are playing OUT OF THIS WORLD. I really think that this game will be a close one, but the Chiefs have the edge because of their defense, and because of Tyreek Hill!!!! Should be an entertaining game to watch.



Steelers vs. Bengals

Preview: The Steelers and Bengals face off this week in a divisional matchup between two bitter rivals. This year the stakes are a bit lower sine the Bengals are already out of the playoff picture, but still a very important game for the Steelers. The Bengals would like nothing more than to spoil the playoff party for the Steelers. With the game in Cincinnati, you have to think that the Bengals will play better than normal, but the Steelers look too good right now and will take the lead early and run away with this game.



Colts vs. Vikings

Preview: The Colts and the Vikings face off this week in a matchup between two teams that are on the outside looking in on the playoff hunt in their respective conferences. Both teams not only need to win out, but need help from other teams to have any sort of chance. This game should be a good one between the arm of Luck and the defense of the Vikings. The Vikings have an amazing defense, and should be able to put a stop to that Colts offense. Vikings win this one to keep pace with the Packers and Lions in the NFC North.



Jaguars vs. Texans

Preview: The Texans have the division within reach, they need to continue to win games in order to keep the Titans at bay. With the Titans at Kansas City this week, and the Jaguars coming to town, the Texan’s playoff hopes are going to rise. They should do away with the Jaguars at home, and the Titans will need a perfect game to beat the Chiefs. This should be an interesting matchup that should set up the Texans nicely.



Saints vs. Cardinals

Preview:. Two teams down and out this week in Arizona as the Saints come to town to face the Cardinals. Both teams look like outsiders in the playoff race with their hopes continuing to be dashed week after week, disappointing loss after loss. This week, the Cardinals have the slight advantage because they are home and should be able to come away with a win in this game. Brees is having an amazing year, but the game of football requires 10 other players. The Cardinals should take care of business this week.



49ers vs. Falcons

Preview: Okay, this game will be an easy one to choose. The 49ers stink, and the Falcons are chasing a division title. If the Falcons lose, I will reconsider my career and life dreams. Ryan is putting up MVP numbers this season, with the Buccaneers on their tails; the Falcons need to grab wins when they can. And like the Texans, they have an easy matchup this week, while the Buccaneers will have to beat the NFC leaders to keep pace with them. Game Falcons.


Raiders vs. Chargers

Preview: A classic AFC West matchup between the Raiders and the Chargers this week in San Diego. The Raiders lost last week to the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football in a game that might just decide their division. Lucky for the Raiders, they are in the driver’s seat for a playoff position either way. The Chargers are a tough team to beat when healthy and playing well, but with an impending move to LA and uncertainty around Rivers, this team is ready to fold anytime now. The Raiders will win this one.



Patriots vs. Broncos

Preview: Another game of the week candidate as the Patriots face the Broncos. Normally this matchup would bring about a Brady-Manning prime time matchup, but this year the Patriots come in as heavy favorites to win this game since the Broncos are without a star QB. The Patriots are looking more and more likely like they are going to seal up the number one seed in the AFC, BUT the Broncos are dang good at home. It is hard to go in there and win a game. I have the Broncos winning this game solely on the fact that they have more to play for, and this will be a desperation game. They NEED to win 2 out of their next 3 to have a shot at a wild card. The Broncos take this one in a surprise victory.




Panthers vs. Redskins

Preview: The Panthers take on the Redskins in Washington this week in the Monday Night Football game. This would have been a crazy matchup if the Panthers would have been having a better season with Norman playing against his old teammates. Instead, we have a Redskins team fighting for a playoff spot, and the Panthers searching for some type of 2015 magic. This game could get ugly in favor of the Redskins as Cousins has been torching defenses lately. The Redskins will take the win here on Monday Night behind the arm of Cousins and a desire to make it to the post season.




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