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NFL Week 13

NFL Week 13 – Predictions

Week 10 Predictions Record: 7-7

Season Predictions Record: 80-48

After a couple weeks off we are back with our week 13 predictions for the 2016 NFL season. With twelve weeks in the books the 2016 NFL season is already beginning to take shape. We have seen some power house teams emerge and others wither under the pressure. Week 13 begins with a big matchup on Thursday night between the Cowboys and Vikings, and this week also features some prime time matchups. Take a look at the power rankings going into this week to see which times might rise and which teams might fall. This week’s game of the week features the Miami Dolphins who are up against the Baltimore Ravens. I am anxious to get on with predictions, I am hopeful to keep this winning predictions record alive this week. Here are the picks for week 13 in the NFL.

Teams on Bye: Browns, Titans



Dolphins vs. Ravens

Preview: The Game of the week matchup for week 13 is a crucial game between two teams trying to push for playoff contention. The teams are coming from two different situations. The Ravens lead the AFC North only because they won the head to head matchup with the Steelers, and the Dolphins are chasing the Patriots in the AFC East (good luck with that). These two teams both need a win here as they are looking to secure a spot in the post season. The Dolphins are riding a six game winning streak coming into this game. They have been able to put away teams as of late in route to a solid record. Unfortunately for them, they face the second best defense in the NFL in the Ravens. The Ravens have had trouble getting things going on offense, but with such a stingy defense, they are in every game. Look for the Ravens to put an end to the Dolphins good run of form and continue to control the AFC North. The defense should stifle the Dolphins offense, and with this game being in Baltimore I just can’t see the Dolphins going in and being able to perform against the Ravens D.




Cowboys vs. Vikings

Preview: Our week starts off with a good one; the Cowboys go to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. This was one of the most anticipated matchups at the beginning of the season when both teams had the best records in the NFL, but with the recent slide of the Dolphins, this game looks to be more one-sided than earlier expected. The Cowboys are riding the best streak in the NFL (and a franchise record) at ten games. The Cowboys will dominate the line of scrimmage and the time of possession in this game in route to cruising to victory behind a (PREDICTION) MONSTER game from Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys might even clinch a playoff spot this week with a little help from the Cardinals or Chargers.



Lions vs. Saints

Preview: This week is full of great games and hard ones to predict, but at the top of the list is this matchup between the Saints and the Lions. Both teams are playing good football at the moment, but are at two ends of the spectrum. The Lions are leading the poorer than normal NFC North division with the Vikings and Packers close behind. And the Saints are on the outside looking in in the stronger than normal NFC South. This game is in New Orleans, and what we all know is that the Saints are a different team at home with that support. Expect a close one, but the Saints will be able to get a win here behind the ageless arm of Drew Brees. Look out for Stafford, he could put up some monster numbers as well in this one.



Rams vs. Patriots

Preview: For whatever reason, I think that this game might be a close one. Maybe it’s the defense of the Rams, or the struggles lately of the Patriots. But expect a hard fought, in the trenches type of a game between these two teams. The Patriots are A LOT better on offense and almost as good on defense, so expect a Patriots win here behind the leadership of their Franchise player and the GOAT Tom Brady. The Patriots should be able to close this one out at home.



Broncos vs. Jaguars

Preview: This Weeks matchup in Jacksonville looks to be one that should get out of hand right away as the Broncos come to town looking to bounce back after an overtime loss to the Chiefs on Sunday Night football. The Broncos need all the wins they can get to close the season and they will be looking to grab one here as the Jaguars are vulnerable and playing horrible. The Broncos aren’t exactly a high scoring offense, but the defense will get the job done and score a defensive touchdown in this one. Easy Pick.



Texans vs. Packers

Preview: This game would be harder to pick if it were in Houston, but with the Texans record away from home this season, you can’t really expect that they are going to show up in this game. I do not expect that Osweiller and co. can go into Lambeau and get a win this week. Rodgers looked his former self last week in the Packers win, and I expect with the Postseason still in sight, that the Packers can turn this season around and make a play for the Division. And with the Vikings and Lions likely to lose this week, this would be a great way to close the gap a little more.



Eagles vs. Bengals

Preview: Oh the Bengals. It’s just not their season. I said in my Power Rankings that they should tank at this point. And say what you want about that, and the honor in playing, but at the end of the day this is a business, and maybe it will sell more tickets to win. BUT, if they can get a top five or top seven pick out of this year, with that talented team, that would be a steal. Think of the Cowboys from a year ago. There is no way a team like that has any business at a top four pick. But look how that worked out. The Bengals are struggling and this week they face a pretty good Eagles defense. Wentz has definitely slowed down from his hot start to the season, but the Eagles can beat anyone and should be able to handle the Bengals in Cincinnati.



Chiefs vs. Falcons

Preview: This was my other candidate game for Game of the Week. An intriguing matchup between one of the league’s top defenses and the league’s arguably best offense. The Chiefs are coming off of a high after defeating Denver in Colorado. But this will be a tough test in Atlanta this week for this Chiefs team. I still expect that with how competitive that AFC West division is, the Chiefs will be motivated enough to come into this one and take a win from the Falcons. This should be another nail bitter this week with the Chiefs looking like they will handle their business. Matt Ryan is on fire this season and doesn’t look to be slowed down by anyone, if his offensive line can buy him enough time to find Jones and the other Falcon receivers, then the Falcons can win this one easily. A tall task against the Chiefs pass rush.



49ers vs. Bears

Preview: A battle of the baddies. This one looks to be one of those games with an empty stadium. Maybe not, the Bears faithful might actually show up because a win is possible. But I think that the 49ers will be able to grab their second win of the season this week. They have had some close ones this season, and they should be able to go into Chicago and grab a win. If they lose this game, I will even be surprised by this terrible team. That’s no knock against the Bears (well…maybe it is) but I just can’t imagine that the 49ers can’t win this game.

Pick: 49ERS



Bills vs. Raiders

Preview: This should get interesting. The Bills go to Oakland this week to face the red-hot Raiders. The Raiders have shocked the world this year by going 9-2 so far this season and doing so in impressive fashion. That defense was a joke at the beginning of the season, often completing any punch line against that Raiders team, but with the Raiders at the top if the most competitive division in the NFL, no one can say anything. Well, except for me. I think that the Raiders lose this game at home, not because they are incapable, but because Rex Ryan is an expert at beating good teams. He is not the best at putting together a complete season, but he sure knows how to stop something that is in motion and this week I think the Raiders offense will hit a wall, and will be dominated by that Bills rushing attack. Look for a close game that the Bills are able to win away from home.



Giants vs. Steelers