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NFL Week 10 – Predictions

Week 9 Predictions Record: 7-6

Season Predictions Record: 73-41

With nine weeks in the books the 2016 NFL season is already beginning to take shape. We have seen some power house teams emerge and others wither under the pressure. Week 10 begins with a dud matchup on Thursday night between the Browns and Ravens, and this week features some prime time matchups. Take a look at the power rankings going into this week to see which times might rise and which teams might fall. This week’s game of the week features the Seattle Seahawks who are up against the New England Patriots. I am anxious to get on with predictions, I am hopeful to keep this winning predictions record alive this week. Here are the picks for week 8 in the NFL.

Teams on Bye: Bills, Lions, Colts, Raiders



Seahawks vs. Patriots

Preview: In the prime time Sunday Night Football game matchup this week, the Seahawks take on the Patriots in Foxborough. This game, between two of the NFL’s elite teams this year is going to come down to whether or not the Seahawks can shut down this Patriots offense. The Seahawks are without Beast Mode to tear the Patriots defense up, and really lack offensive consistency this season. While the Patriots boast the 7th ranked offense in the league behind the revengeful Tom Brady. Look for this game to be won in the trenches, the Patriots need to protect Brady and allow him to find his guys. Should be a close game in which the Patriots will pull out because they are at home and have the more consistent offense. Wondering if Brady will finally falter for the first time…




Browns vs. Ravens

Preview: In the “Sleeper game of the Week” the Browns come to town to face the Ravens on Thursday night. The only thing I am excited about in this matchup are the color rush uniforms. Should be an interesting mix, brown and purple. Look for the Ravens to build off of the momentum from last weekend in their victory over the Steelers and grab a win over this hopeless Browns team.



Texans vs. Jaguars

Preview: This game is not in Texas, so you wonder if the Texans will actually show up in this game. With the number 5 rated defense in the league, you have to wonder if that will be enough, and honestly, it will. The Texans have taken care of mediocre competition all season long and they will again this week. Poor Jaguars, at least they can continue to add to their team through the draft this offseason.



Broncos vs. Saints

Preview: This is an interesting matchup and one that really sticks out this week. A trap game for the Broncos and an opportunity for the Saints. The Saints have been playing some really good football lately and come in with the offense rolling. I am going to give the edge to the Saints in this game because of the arm of Drew Brees. He leads this offense which is number one in the NFL at the moment at home against this Broncos team. Watch out Denver, this could be yet another setback for your team.



Rams vs. Jets

Preview: Two teams looking for identity face off this week in New York as the Rams face off against the Jets. Both teams sit at 3 wins for the season so far and have really failed to impress. You never know what kind of team is going to show up in the Rams, who have a solid defense, but Keenum and Gurley have failed to produce this season. Look for this Jets team to continue the trend of shutting down Todd Gurley and force this Rams team to throw and turn the ball over. You might even see a Goff sighting in this game.

Pick: JETS


Falcons vs. Eagles

Preview: This was almost picked as the game of the week as it is a showdown between two teams having good years and looking to stay in the playoff hunt. The Falcons have been shredding defenses through the air and on the ground so far this season in route to their 6-3 record. They have the Saints nipping at their heels and need a win to continue to build their lead in the division. Look for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones to tear up this secondary in route to an easy win for Atlanta.



Chiefs vs. Panthers

Preview: A marquee matchup between two teams at opposite ends of the playoff picture this week in Carolina as the Chiefs come to town to face off against the Panthers. The Chiefs are rolling, I have them at number three in the power rankings this week as they have come out strong since their bye week. In the absence of Smith, Charles and Ware, the Chiefs continue to dominate the competition. They face a stiff test this week against a talented Carolina team who are trying to right the ship after a poor start. Carolina has won two straight and are looking to build a streak before season’s end. Look for the Chiefs to establish the tempo from the get-go and cruise to a win over the Panthers.



Bears vs. Buccaneers

Preview: The battle of the bad. Both teams have looked worse than expected this season as they have both struggled. The Bears at least have an excuse (if you want to look at it that way) in that they have had many injuries and have had to fill holes. But a strong win a couple of weeks ago, and with Cutler playing some football again, you have to think this Bears team would come in here and get a W.



Vikings vs. Redskins

Preview: WHAT IS WITH THE VIKINGS? They have looked horrendous since their bye week in week 6. They have come out flat, failed to protect Bradford, and let teams go down and score all over them. This is a very talented team, but they have to get this figured out. The Redskins are starting to get into a groove as they continue their 2016 campaign. Kirk Cousins is putting up great numbers and this team is trying to catch up to the Cowboys in the East. Look for the Redskins to pounce all over Bradford in this game and hand the Vikings their fourth straight loss.



Packers vs. Titans

Preview: Two very different teams come to play each other this week in Tennessee, as the Packers come to town to face the Titans. The Packers seem as if their best years are behind them this season as they have struggled to produce and are sitting at .500, and the Titans are trying to build on a successful campaign so far and improve each season. The Titans are statistically better, but less experienced and I believe will fail to stop Rodgers and the Packers in this game. The Packers have the better defense and look to want to grab a win to stay up in their division.



Dolphins vs. Chargers

Preview: Another matchup between middle of the road teams this week in the Chargers who are taking on the Dolphins in San Diego. Look for this matchup to be a close one, and a hard to call game as both teams have been up and down so far this season. The Dolphins are on a bit of a win streak ever since blowing out the Steelers a few weeks back. You have to think that the confidence is high for them in this one. But then there is San Diego, who have a top ten offense and have shown that they can play with the best of them. I am going to give the edge to the Dolphins as they have momentum on their side right now and should do away with this Chargers team.



49ers vs. Cardinals

Preview: The Cardinals take on the 49ers in Arizona this week in a key divisional matchup. The Cardinals have been the stronger team so far this season by a lot as they have been able to crawl out of the hole they were in to start and build a winning season. They have been up and down so far this season with the offense and defense struggling at different points. The 49ers have been horrible after their 28-0 win in week 1 against the Rams. They can’t seem to figure anything out at all and continue to struggle. Kaepernick is showing just how much of a distraction he is, and to be honest, he is not good enough to be a distraction. Cardinals win this one.


Cowboys vs. Steelers

Preview: The battle between all-time greats as the Cowboys go to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. No one saw this Pittsburgh team struggling like they have so far this season as they sit 4-4 and tied for the division lead. Roethlisberger did not look himself last week as he single-handedly lost the game for the Steelers with his poor performance. But to be honest, when you win two super bowls you get an all-time pass for bad weeks. Unfortunately for Big Ben to bounce back, he has to take down the powerful Cowboys who come in with their seven game winning streak in hand. The offense is smashing opponents with the hard nose running of Ezekiel Elliott and the efficient passing of Dak Prescott. I personally do not think this game will be close as the Cowboys should dominate the line of scrimmage in route to victory.




Bengals vs. Giants

Preview: Another big game this week as the Bengals go to New York to take on the Giants. Both teams have elite receivers in OBJ and Green, and this should be an offensive showdown. A game that is literally too close to call, I have to give the slight edge to the Bengals. Their run game and pass game is becoming more and more consistent by the week and they should be able to steal away a win here. The Giants have the worst run game in the week and time of possession is a big issue for this team. All that is said about the big additions on the defense for the Giants has not produced much overall besides a week one win over the Cowboys. Expect a shootout in New York.




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