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NFL Power Rankings- Week 6

NFL Power Rankings - Week 6

  1. Minnesota Vikings (5-0) – The Vikings are the only undefeated team in the NFL right now. The defense is looking great; Bradford is playing the best football of his career. Things are rolling in Minnesota.

  2. New England Patriots (4-1) – Brady showed why many consider him the G.O.A.T. this past week with a dominating performance. This team was already a top 5 team without him, but with the best in the game back for the rest of the season, the Patriots ARE the team to beat in the AFC.

  3. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) – Don’t sleep on these Steelers. With the three punch combo of Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and LeVeon Bell, the Steelers have the most dangerous offense in the NFL. These Steelers are good enough to go all the way and are a close second choice in the AFC.

  4. Atlanta Falcons (4-1) – The Falcons shocked all of us as they went into Mile-high stadium and took down the defending champs. They did it with a great game plan and by using the Broncos own formula against them. Constant pressure on the rookie Lynch was the doom for the Broncos. Great job by the Falcons, now let’s see if they can continue this success beyond week 5.

  5. Denver Broncos (4-1) – The Broncos got beat, you had to know it was going to happen. This team was not good enough to go undefeated, but they were outplayed and outcoached this past week at home in their loss to the Falcons. No need to worry for the Broncos, just make some adjustments and go forward. This team is built to win and will do a lot more of that as this season goes on.

  6. Dallas Cowboys (4-1) – How Bout them Cowboys?! With a statement win over the Bengals this past week at home, the Cowboys are proving to all that they are a force to be reckoned with in the NFC East. Led by two explosive rookies, this Dallas team is destroying good defenses in route to tying their win total from a year ago. A tough game this week in Green Bay against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

  7. Green Bay Packers (3-1) – The Packers did away with a good Giants team this past week to gain a win coming off of their bye week. The bye did not seem to solve the issues between Rodgers and his receivers. Rodgers does not seem comfortable in the pocket and has been more inaccurate than he has ever been as of late. Big test against a young and talented Cowboys team this week.

  8. Seattle Seahawks (3-1) – The Seahawks are coming off of their bye week and face a really good Falcons team at home. Russell Wilson is playing some of the best football of his career, look for this Seahawks team to show how good they really are this week.

  9. Oakland Raiders (4-1) – Yea I have the Raiders in my top ten. Their offense is just too good to overlook. Carr has been throwing the ball well week after week, and they have been winning games. Maybe not in impressive fashion, but they have been able to win close games which is good practice for the post season. A tough AFC West division this year should make things interesting for the Raiders.

  10. Buffalo Bills (3-2) – The Bills are my biggest surprise to climb this high in the rankings. They have looked much improved in the recent weeks behind their defense and the play of Tyrod Taylor. Look for the Bills to grab another win this week and keep riding that winning streak.

  11. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) – The Eagles looked awful against a mediocre Lions team this week. Last week I talked about how an early bye week can be bad for teams and this week was a perfect example. The sharpness we saw the first few weeks seemed to disappear against the Lions.

  12. Los Angeles Rams (3-2) – I was sad to see my home-town Rams lose this week, but to lose like they did at the end was just terrible. The Rams need a true passer in the pocket to make good throws and their current situation is not cutting it. If it weren’t for a horrible preseason, this would be Goff’s team right now, but time will tell how long it will be before they pass it along to him. Nothing to worry about here for the Rams, they will be able to grab some wins in the coming weeks.

  13. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) – The Bengals’ start of the season struggles continued this past week against Dallas where they were dominated on both sides of the ball in route to an embarrassing loss. This Bengals team is good and still will post a good record by seasons end, but to prove they belong, they have to beat the best of them. And guess what, they have the Patriots coming to town this week.

  14. Washington Redskins (3-2) – The Redskins are surging, largely due to the fact that Kirk Cousins has decided that he wants to play some good football again. Now he is not the same Cousins that torched defenses in route to a division title like he did last season, but he is more efficient and he is getting his team wins. Three in a row to be exact.

  15. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) – The Ravens are proving me right week by week. They are showing that their schedule at the beginning of the season was as soft as a pillow and with strong teams coming in weekly now; they are struggling to get back to their winning ways. This week they have to try and cover OBJ all game. Yea Ravens, good luck with that.

  16. Kansas City Chiefs (2-2) – The Chiefs are coming off of a bye week and are looking to bounce back after that horrible loss to the Steelers. They play a talented Raiders team who are making waves right now. A healthier Jamaal Charles will help, but this team faces an uphill battle this week.

  17. New York Giants (2-3) – The Giants have lost three games in a row and are finding it hard to get the ball to their playmakers. OBJ finally got his first touchdown of the year this past week in their loss to the Packers, but the Giants are starting to go back to their old ways, struggling on offense and getting battered on defense. They face a mediocre Ravens team this week in a winnable game for the G-men.

  18. Houston Texans (3-2) – The Texans had one job to do, prove that they could contend with the best in the league, and they failed miserably, AGAIN. The Texans are looking like all-hype as they continue to struggle against good competition. Looks like handing Osweiller 72 million in the offseason may not have been that smart after all.

  19. Arizona Cardinals (2-3) – The Cardinals showed last week that they are not looking to bow out just yet. With Palmer out, the Stanton-led Cardinals beat the 49ers in San Francisco in route to their second win of the season. Look for this Cardinals team to bounce back again and get to .500 this week.

  20. Detroit Lions (2-3) – The Lions showed this week that they should never be underestimated. With Stafford throwing the ball you never know what can happen. Marvin Jones is looking like the pick-up of the year continuing his fine form of games. The Lions are in a tough division and will find it hard to make it to the playoffs behind the Vikings and Packers.

  21. Tennessee Titans (2-3) – The Titans proved this week that they can go in and grab wins when they need them. They were facing a 1-4 start and needed a victory to get back on track and they pulled this one out against the Dolphins. Murray is playing like the 2014 version of himself behind this revamped Titans offensive line. Good win and good week for the Titans.

  22. Indianapolis Colts (2-3) – Luck was able to win his team their second game of the season against the Bears this week. Hoyer made it hard for the Colts, but with Luck (who is proving to be quite clutch in the past few weeks) the Colts will never be completely out of close games.

  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) – The Buccaneers got a much needed win over their division rivals on Monday Night. Hopefully they can use this win to get things right and build some momentum for the middle of the season. This team finally got a win in Carolina.

  24. New York Jets (1-4) – The Jets continued their poor run of form this week in an embarrassing loss to the surging Steelers in Pittsburgh. The Jets did not put up much of a fight in this one as the Steelers ran up and down the field in route to another win. The Jets needed to hit the panic button like yesterday and get things together. But I’m beginning to think that their season is over.

  25. Carolina Panthers (1-4) – The Panthers looked terrible on Monday Night, without Cam Newton they have zero swag to their game and put together a performance that was nothing like the season before. This team better get it together soon before it’s too late.

  26. Chicago Bears (1-4) – The Bears actually have been impressive the past couple of weeks. With Brian Hoyer throwing the ball they have seen a depleted offense come to life. Hoyer should be the starting quarterback in Chicago, even with a healthy Cutler. We have seen the end of Jay Cutler in Chicago ladies and gentlemen.

  27. San Francisco 49ers (1-4) – The 49ers looked terrible again this week against the Cardinals in their loss at home. David Johnson ran all over them in this game in route to 150+ yards on the ground and two touchdowns. There is a call for a new quarterback in San Fran, but honestly is that really the problem? Kelly is slowly losing credibility across the league. We might see another coaching exodus from San Francisco back to the college game.

  28. New Orleans Saints (1-3) – The Saints come back off of a bye week riding a one game win streak to face the Panthers at home. This Saints team has all the talent in the world on offense, but that typical Saints defense I still pretty bad. They should have made some adjustments during the bye week and we will see a better team show up this week.

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) – The Jaguars are one of four teams coming off of the bye in week 5 and are looking to get things back on track. With a talented offense and a much improved defense, the Jags should be able to get back to .500 and maybe better this season. With a winnable game in Chicago this week, the Jags have an opportunity to grab another win.

  30. Miami Dolphins (1-4) – The Dolphins are the disappointment of the season so far. So much talent going to waste, Tannehill is playing so bad that there are calls for his job already. The Dolphins are in major panic mode already this season and really need to do something before their opportunity slips away, and it might have already done that.

  31. San Diego Chargers (1-4) – The Chargers are consistent at least. Consistently bad. They blew another fourth quarter lead this week against the Raiders. Now I am starting to feel bad about these Chargers, they actually have a talented team, but this kind of behavior and mentality starts from the top down. There is going to be changes in coaching in San Diego, it’s just a matter of time.

  32. Cleveland Browns (0-5) – These poor browns. They lost Cody Kessler this week and have now moved to option 5, Charlie Whitehurst. This Browns team might just make my prediction come true, I am not sure they are going to win a game this season. Looks like that trade down from Wentz wasn’t such a good idea after all.


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