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NFL Power Rankings - Week 17

NFL Power Rankings - Week 17

  1. Dallas Cowboys (13-2) – The Cowboys made it look easy on Monday night cruising to a 42-21 win over the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys had nothing to play for, and the Lions had everything to play for, and it was still a very one-sided contest in the Cowboy’s favor. This finally convinced me that this team is truly ready to step up and be like the Cowboys of old.

  2. New England Patriots (13-2) – The Patriots made easy work of the Jets on Saturday in their thirteenth victory of the season. Brady continued his impressive play as the Patriots inched just a little closer to the number one seed in the AFC. With Carr lost for the Raiders, its seems that home field advantage is locked up for this Patriots team.

  3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5) – The Steel