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NFL Power Rankings- Week 15

NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

  1. New England Patriots (11-2) – The Patriots won this past week in impressive fashion, taking down the powerful defense of the Ravens. This team is continuing to roll without their star TE. Who can take down these Pats?

  2. Dallas Cowboys (11-2) – The Cowboys lost a disappointing matchup on Sunday Night Football to the Giants. Both losses this season have been to the G-men, but let’s not forget that both losses have been by a combined total of 4 points. Time to panic? I think not. Future still looks VERY bright in Dallas. Defense is the most underrated in the NFL.

  3. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) – The Chiefs are rolling. They are even a contender for the top spot in the power rankings. Being in the driver seat of this AFC West division is no small task, and the Chiefs have done it with impressive defensive play, and the emergence of Tyreek Hill as their top playmaker on offense. Look out for these Chiefs.

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) – The Steelers are emerging, and it is looking scary. This offense can compete with the best of them and if they continue to streak like this, NOT A SINGLE TEAM CAN STOP THEM. The Steelers are the dark horse out of the AFC. Teams better hope that this train does not continue to power through. Tough divisional games (well besides the browns in week 17) coming up for the Steelers in the next two weeks.

  5. New York Giants (9-4) – The Giants have done the impossible, beating the Dallas Cowboys not once, but TWICE this season. They may not have shown up every week, but in both meetings with the Cowboys, the Giants defense has played the perfect game. This will be a tough wild card matchup for anyone.

  6. Oakland Raiders (10-3) – The Raiders lost a close one to the Chiefs last week in a thriller on Thursday night, and you might think that this rating is too harsh, but I am still not convinced about this Raiders team this year. Carr did not look good last week, BUT that is only one game and he will bounce back and keep the Chiefs honest through the next three games.

  7. Seattle Seahawks (8-4-1) – The Seahawks lost a close game to the Bucs last week proving that this team can be beat and they are not perfect. Wilson had the worst game of his career throwing for FIVE interceptions. This Seattle team is very scary when they are playing well, but inconsistency can be their Achilles Heel.

  8. Detroit Lions (9-4) – How bout those Lions though? These guys continue to prove me wrong week after week. They just might be the real deal. With a weaker than normal division, this Lions team is taking advantage of their current situation. Winning two out of the next three will seal the division for them. Stafford is playing amazing so only time will tell for this Lions team.

  9. Denver Broncos (8-5) – The Broncos are CLEARLY not the same team they were a year ago when they won the Super Bowl in impressive fashion. My bold prediction is that they will miss the playoffs this year. This offense needs some serious work, and you might just see a trade for Tony Romo this offseason happen for this team.

  10. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) – The Falcons continued their strong play this week as they completely dismantled the Rams to the point that the LA team fired Jeff Fisher shortly after. These Falcons are yet another team that has the talent to go all the way, but consistency has been a real issue. Should be interesting finish in the NFC South with the Buccaneers playing so well.

  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) – Can the Bucs do it? Their biggest test this season will come on Sunday Night as they take on the Dallas Cowboys in Texas. This game will display the true credentials of this young Bucs team. If they can complete this sweep of the top two seeds in the NFC, then this team might just be the real deal.

  12. Baltimore Ravens (7-6) – The Ravens are letting this one slip away…the division was within their grasp two weeks ago, but with the loss this week, and three rough games coming up, they might not make it in the playoffs after all. Big game in week 16 against the Steelers for the division crown. First up is the Eagles who are no small task.

  13. Green Bay Packers (7-6) – The Packers are surging. But is it too late? They need some luck in order to make it in, but the Packers are showing that they are not willing to bow out just yet. If they win out, they have a shot at a wild card if some other teams lose. Is Aaron Rodgers going to save this team?

  14. Washington Redskins (7-5-1) – The Redskins are right back in the thick of things after a solid win this past week. They need to win out to have a chance at a wild card birth, and it is plausible that it can happen if they play well enough. Cousins has earned that contract, PAY THE MAN!

  15. Tennessee Titans (7-6) – The Titans are scary. They are going to be in my top five for 2017 preseason power rankings for sure. This team is starting to figure it out and with this past week’s victory over the Broncos, they are now above .500 and competing with the Texans for the division.

  16. Buffalo Bills (6-7) – The Bills a are virtually out, and Rex Ryan probably is too. After yet another disappointing loss, they are officially out of the playoffs at this point and are going to play the role of spoilers (if Ryan can get even that out of his team at this point). Bills need some work in the offseason.

  17. Houston Texans (7-6) – The Texans have never made the jump to super team this season like many thought they might be able to do, BUT they might just be able to squeak into the playoffs if they win out. Not that they’d do much with it anyways, but playoffs for this team after the money they spent is a MUST.

  18. Miami Dolphins (8-5) – The Dolphins were able to squeak away with a win against the Cardinals. It did not come cheap however, as the win came at the expense of Tannehill’s knee, knocking him out for the season. If you are wondering why I ranked them so low, that is why. I think these Dolphins are done, but I hope that they prove me wrong.

  19. Minnesota Vikings (7-6) – The Vikings kept their season alive with a win over the Jaguars last week. If the Vikings want to have any chance at post season play, they need to win out. Hard to do that without offensive production.

  20. Arizona Cardinals (5-7-1) – The Cardinals virtually ended their season with a loss against the Dolphins this week. The Seahawks would have to lose out (which is not going to happen) the Cardinals might have a shot. But this team is one of the biggest disappointments so far this season.

  21. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7-1) – Speaking of disappointments, the Bengals have had a rough season in 2016. And with the Steelers and Ravens fighting it out for the division, the Bengals can only play the role of spoilers from here on out.

  22. Indianapolis Colts (6-7) – The Colts are basically out of the division race at this point with their loss to the Texans on Sunday. They are on the outside looking in and will need some help from teams around the league in order to have any chance at the division title.

  23. New Orleans Saints (5-8) – Another team with a heartbreaking loss again this week, the Saints are out of the playoff hunt. Such talent on this team, and they could not quite put it all together this season. Good thing for them is that Drew Brees looks like he is timeless with another great season under his belt.

  24. San Diego Chargers (5-8) – The Chargers are another team that have struggled to get anything going this season. With the division out of reach and the playoffs a distant memory, the Chargers should look towards the draft to yet again begin the rebuilding process. Storyline of the offseason should be if Rivers stays with the move to LA.

  25. Carolina Panthers (5-8) – The Panthers are the second biggest disappointment this season, everyone expects that you would have a hard season after you lose in the Super Bowl, but no one expected this type of result for this Panthers team. Good news is that they will be able to get a pretty solid draft pick.

  26. Philadelphia Eagles (5-8) – The Eagles are playing terrible right now, and after a fast start, teams have caught on and shut down their progress. Wentz is looking more and more like a rookie quarterback and the Eagles are looking like they will get another top ten pick this year.

  27. Chicago Bears (3-10) – The Bears came up just short against the Lions this week in a divisional matchup, which is bright spot for them at the end of the season, but this Bears team is fully focused on the future at this point and will be making some big changes this offseason.

  28. New York Jets (4-9) – The Jets got a win this week over the more terrible 49ers, not impressive, not bad. But at least it is a win, and since they did win it gives them a worse draft pick.

  29. Los Angeles Rams (4-9) – The Rams fired Jeff Fisher this week, but that won’t solve any immediate issues. The Rams are a bad offensive team and therefore a bad team. They will need some help in the draf….wait, never mind, they gave up their first rounder last year for the great Goff.

  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11) – The Jaguars are the third biggest disappointment. Their defense is great and filled with young talent, but that offense needs to stop turning the ball over and get a run game. Yeldon may not be the answer, but it might also be the offensive line that needs some work.

  31. San Francisco 49ers (1-12) – The 49ers are a BAD team. I blame it on Chip Kelly and that College offense, but in his defense (which I don’t come to often) his team lacks talent at major positions. This offseason might be his last chance in the NFL.

  32. Cleveland Browns (0-13) – The Browns Suck. And I honestly feel bad for them. They have a roster that has even less talent than the 49ers and what’s worse is that this draft there is like ZERO quarterback prospects. The Browns hopefully can turn this around next year for Coach Jackson . Should be an interesting offseason for Cleveland.


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