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NFL Power Ranking- Week 13

NFL Power Rankings - Week 13

  1. Dallas Cowboys (10-1) – The Cowboys are looking stronger than ever after yet another impressive victory on Turkey Day over their bitter rivals the Redskins. They hold on to their number one spot for now. Cowboys can clinch playoffs this week with help from a couple other teams.

  2. New England Patriots (9-2) – The Patriots had to edge out a close one in the fourth quarter against the Jets on Sunday. The Patriots continue to play strong on both sides of the ball. The absence of Gronkowski is showing however as the passing attack has been lacking as of late.

  3. Oakland Raiders (9-2) – The Raiders showed yet again that they are strong contenders this year with a win over the Panthers after losing their lead early on in the game. Raiders lead a solid AFC West which will be up for grabs until the final weeks of the season.

  4. Seattle Seahawks (7-3-1) – The Seahawks faltered again this week as they went to Tampa and lost to a mediocre (yet talented) Buccaneers team. Seattle was held to zero offensive touchdowns again and it was the difference in this game.

  5. Kansas City Chiefs (8-3) – The Chiefs won an improbable overtime matchup in Denver against the Broncos this past weekend to secure their spot one game behind the Raiders in the AFC West. Many predict the Chiefs to be the best team in this division but this one should come down to the wire either way.

  6. Denver Broncos (7-4) – The Broncos missed a big opportunity to get a win over the Chiefs this week as they lost in overtime to their division rivals. The Broncos looked sure winners as time expired, but the Chiefs took the game away and never looked back.

  7. New York Giants (8-3) –. The Giants have looked impressive lately as they have gone on a six game winning streak to try and keep pace with the surging Cowboys. The fateful matchup will be in two weeks between the two teams, but first, the Giants have a matchup against the Steelers talented offense.

  8. Detroit Lions (7-4) – The Lions have looked great in recent weeks and gaining sole control of the NFC North. Stafford has put up great numbers lately and is making his own case for MVP this season.

  9. Atlanta Falcons (7-4) – The Falcons have put together one of their more solid seasons to this point so far. They have shown that last season’s collapse is a thing of the past, and look to be even more consistent moving forward. Who can stop this offense?

  10. Washington Redskins (6-4-1) – The Redskins hit a wall on thanksgiving day, and that wall was the Dallas Cowboy offensive line. Cousins continued his great run of form, but was still not able to get his team the win in a close game between those two teams. Look for the Redskins to push the Giants for that wild card spot.

  11. Miami Dolphins (7-4) –The Dolphins have also won six straight and have made their case for a playoff spot out of the AFC. They have a few tough tests coming up that will bring out their true pedigree.

  12. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5) –. The most talented offense in the league is finally winning again, and when the Steelers are winning, they are scary. Look for this team to close out that AFC North Division and enter the playoffs as a strong team. They have a big test this week in the Giants.

  13. Buffalo Bills (6-5) – The Bills are on the outside looking in in their division behind the Dolphins and the Patriots. They are going to need to finish very strongly and hope that the Broncos, Dolphins, and Titans drop some games in order to have a chance at post season play. Chances are that they are out of this thing.

  14. Baltimore Ravens (6-5) – The Ravens were able to grab another win this week in a matchup with the AJ Green-less Bengals. The Ravens are going to need some strong closing play to keep the Steelers at bay in their division.

  15. Houston Texans (6-5) – The Texans got whooped this week against the Chargers. This was a game they needed to win to show that they are ready to join the upper echelon of the leagues teams. This year, they have failed every test.

  16. Tennessee Titans (6-6) – The Titans are going to be a scary team in the future. They have all the pieces in place to be a good team in a bad division. With the way that Mariota is playing, and with a strong running game, this team will make waves in 2017 mark my words.

  17. Minnesota Vikings (6-5) – The Vikings lost a close divisional game to the Lions, giving Detroit an edge in the NFC North. Things should get interesting for the Vikes this week as they host a Red-hot Cowboys team. This might be the chance for the Lions to really get a grasp on the division heading into the final weeks of the season.

  18. Green Bay Packers (5-6) – Wait!? The Packers have Aaron Rodgers? How would I have known this by the way they have played all year, then all of the sudden on Monday night he shows up and the Packers destroy the Eagles. The Packers might just have enough time to turn this around if the Lions and Vikings slip up in the coming weeks.

  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5) – The Buccaneers have won two impressive games in two weeks against stiff competition, even holding the Seahawks to zero offensive touchdowns this past week. The Buccaneers have all the talent in the world, they just need to put it together when it counts, looks like they might be starting to figure it out.

  20. Philadelphia Eagles (5-6) – The Eagles disappointed the world (not including me) by losing in horrible fashion to the Packers on Monday Night. Everyone expected an Eagles win at home further demonstrating that the Packers are not themselves, but the Eagles fell victim to a surging Packers team instead. The Eagles took a major hit to their playoff hopes in this game as it might be a little too late for them to recover especially with their division.

  21. Arizona Cardinals (4-6-1) – The Cardinals are just not the same team from a year ago, they have been unable to put any type of rhythm together, and in the process have stumbled to a 4-6-1 record with a team full of Super Bowl talent.

  22. New Orleans Saints (5-6) – The Saints are another team that has struggled with consistency this year. They have the offense that can beat anyone, but their defense is one of the worst in the league and their record shows it.

  23. San Diego Chargers (5-6) – The Chargers are another talented team that have been unable to get in any type of grove so far this season. Unfortunately for the Chargers, they play in the AFC West and have virtually no chance at this point at making it out of the division.

  24. Los Angeles Rams (4-7) – Well, the Goff experiment isn’t exactly the answer, but at least they are scoring offensive touchdowns. This Rams team needs work on offense, but the future looks bright for this team with the talented defense that they have.

  25. Cincinnati Bengals (3-7-1) – The Bengals are out, they have no chance of playoff contention. If I were Marvin Lewis and Co., I would tank and get a respectable and talented draft choice. No reason to mess that up. Very young talented team that should be right in the thick of things next year.

  26. Indianapolis Colts (5-6) – The Colts are not as good as their record shows. They have absolutely NO TALENT on defense and have struggled on both ends so far this season. Yes they can play with anyone because of Andrew Luck, but they will struggle if they don’t fix that defense.

  27. Carolina Panthers (4-7) – The Panthers are another team that are just not the same as the year before. With the defense and Newton struggling, this team just needs to reassess their identity in the offseason and decide if they are going to keep whining, or go out with some swag and win football games. COME ON MAN!

  28. New York Jets (3-8) – The Jets are awful, and I stand by my words at the beginning of the season, many of their issues stem from the contract dispute between the team and Fitzpatrick. They needed to get that deal done, pay the man, keep his confidence high and have a good season. They would probably have the opposite record at this point. Instead, Fitz will not be on the team next year, and they are looking at a high draft pick. At least they can grab a quarterback!

  29. Chicago Bears (2-9) – The Bears are another awful team that need an overhaul in the offseason. Defense needs work, and the offense needs a new leader. Big changes in Chicago coming up this offseason.

  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) – Jaguars are much worse than many expected this year. They have struggled on both sides of the ball and have not produced the offensive numbers from a year ago. Thus proving that Bortles huge numbers last year were a product of the losing ways of the Jag’s last year, playing from behind.

  31. San Francisco 49ers (1-10) – The Niners are another team that are due for some big changes this offseason. I vote that Kelly is gone, his time in the NFL was never good, and his system doesn’t work. Let’s get someone new in there. Or….don’t take my advice and continue to suck. I’m actually happier with the latter.

  32. Cleveland Browns (0-12) – The Browns looked like…well, the Browns again this week as they lost in horrible fashion to the Giants. This team should hold out for number 1 at this point and give Hue Jackson something to work with.


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