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Mountain Top Experience

I cried when we had to leave this place. Would you? It was our last major stop on our month long road trip we went on this summer, across the country into Canada and back to LA. Caleb and I had never seen anything so beautiful in nature than Moraine Lake  and Lake Louise in Alberta Canada. We only had a day and a half in Canada, and wished would could have stayed… well a really long time. But we soaked in every moment we could looking at these crazy blue waters with the gorgeous snow capped mountains. We felt close to God in the moments.

Have you had a mountain top experience where you feel closer to God? We had ones of those this past weekend (but we weren’t on a mountain for it). We went to the Heaven Come Conference held in the Microsoft Theatre in downtown LA where thousands gathered to worship Jesus from all over the world, and the conference was held minutes away from our place. God spoke to us in new ways, and we both left having more love and compassion for people around us, and more hope and joy. 

We can’t wait to share more about what we learned in the days to come. But wanted to encourage you today, that God is nearer to you and me than we may think or feel at times. He’s not just found in a gorgeous place like Lake Moraine or a big conference. He’s here with us in our ordinary moments, His love for us is shown in Him giving us life, and breathe and every other good thing. His hope for a new day, a new week, His grace and love are fresh every morning. 

I wanted to cry leaving Heaven Come Conference, because I felt so close to God and I don’t want that feeling to go away. But I’m holding onto the truth that God is near me all the time. And near to you. Would love to hear your thoughts! 


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