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You are loved beyond measure

Monica and Warren

Who's been a leader in your life you will forever be grateful for? God loving, mature, caring, funny, steadfast are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Monica. I've always looked up to and learned so much from this beautiful leader of mine. After attending our weekly bible study she led, (this was years ago now) we went to the steps of an adorable, beautiful house and prayed that it would be a wonderful home for her. I remember praying for the future man that would one day hopefully share the house with her as her husband. As soon as we met and got to know Warren over a year ago I told Caleb right away I thought he was the one for her. We both admired how kind, respectful, caring, compassionate and what a good listener he is. My heart overflows with joy thinking of what a great match they are. There are not many people I hold with as high of standards the way I see Monica. You see, when she lead the Bible study it was in such a pivotal point in my life and the truth, love and care she showed during that time is apart of me I am forever grateful for. Monica is such a truly special gem of a woman and Warren is only what God could orchestrate to be such a great match for her. Caleb and I had the honor of taking some engagement photos for this adorable couple; it's truly a tangible example of God's faithfulness. Their love radiates as you can see from the pictures and we couldn't be more thrilled for them joining their life together. Check out more of the photoshoot 👉link Would love to hear about someone who has been a leader in your life! ✨


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