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Life Has It’s Ups and Downs

Life has its ups and its downs. For us,  lately there seems to have been a constant of good and bad. Things that go so well, and things that are hard. ____ Sometimes it is so hard to celebrate the victories when it seems like another defeat is around the next corner. Discouragement and pain can be our companions when things like this happen. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the pain of disappointment, to focus in on the hard things, even when a bunch of good is happening all around us. ____ We are always trying to find ways to stay encouraged through these times, we know the truth that Jesus gives us in His word, and it seems like we really need to let it soak through the outer layer of pain in order to get the healing and peace that we are looking for. ____ This verse stuck out to me today and is an encouragement in hard times: “There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” -Psalm 30:5 ____ Knowing that joy comes in the morning is reassuring and I try to focus on that even when times get tough. Romans 8:18 says that “The pain that you have been feeling does not compare with the joy that is coming.” ____ The reassurance that Christ gives us is so comforting. That while we are still dealing with our pain and mixed emotions, he is there with us, giving us light in the midst of our dark tunnel. And though he doesn’t always remove the darkness that tries to suffocate us right away, in the end, the joy that He brings will shine brighter than any pain or sadness that we may be going through or experiencing. This can be hard to get through, but if we fix our eyes on Him, it makes the process a bit easier. ____ How do you get through seasons of mixed emotions? Would love to hear from you. . . #madenew #jesussaves#petitejoys #pursuepretty #theeverygirl #livethelittlethings 


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