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Is Fear Your Friend is Foe?

“You’re a prude, a scaredy-cat, no fun… that’s what they’re saying about you Stefanie,” said a girl to me in middle school.  Fear is an interesting thing isn’t it? There have been times in my life that fear was crippling to me. But in school I now look back and am thankful that I had a healthy fear of things. When all my friends were doing drugs I always said no out of fear of what the drugs would do to me. I’m so grateful that the healthy fear didn’t allow me to ever use any drugs. ___ Fear is intended to keep us safe. Not to walk too close to a cliff, not to do drugs. I’ve had to learn when fear is my friend and when it’s my foe. Around 365 times in the Bible it talks about “fear not!, don’t be afraid.” Much of what God has called me to do, and others throughout history (and in the Bible) can be very scary because it’s so far outside our comfort zone. ___ I was scared to move all the way across the country away from all my friends and family, not knowing a soul. I was scared to trust God with all of my heart and life (what might He ask me to do 😱 ). I was scared to go to Rwanda to serve at an orphanage. I was scared to pray for the man on the street, or help the stranger. I was scared to be completely vulnerable in my marriage- trusting another human with my heart. I was scared to do all the inner healing work through therapy and inner-healing prayer. I was scared to start our company and put myself out there and talk about my relationship with God and Caleb online. ___ There have been so many things I’ve been very fearful of throughout my life. And I’m asking God to give me wisdom to know the difference between healthy fear, and fear that I need to walk into with His help. I feel a beckoning to take God’s hand. That when I’m walking with Him and in His ways there’s no need to be afraid. “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” -PSALM 34:4 ___ Walking with God, He’s helped me not be a scaredy-cat, it’s been the greatest most thrilling adventure of my life. He keeps helping me overcome my fear. Are there any fears you’re dealing with in your life? What might God be asking you to do? Love hearing from you! 


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