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How We Rescued Our Kittens

I promised you guys the story of how we rescued these cuties and here it is. One of our favorite places to visit is my sister and bro in laws beautiful farm near Pittsburgh. In July when we visited they talked about getting cats to help with any rodent problems on the farm. I quickly volunteered to look for kittens for them because I LOVE animals. I searched online and a woman got back to me about kittens she had rescued from the streets in downtown Pittsburgh. After a day of swimming at my grandmas pool, Caleb and I drove to the house to meet the kittens. It was love at first sight when I saw these sister kittens. I was blown away at how small and adorable they were (around 5 weeks old). We bathed them and gave them flee treatment and non stop played and cuddled them. When we took them to meet my grandparents my grandpa told me stories about barn cats that completely freaked me out. Caleb kept telling him the chance of us taking them with us was increasing as he was sharing. We took the kittens to visit the farm and Snickers (the one with the more black on her face) was shaking and hissing because she was so terrified of the barn animals. My sister and her husband were leaving for a few days and would not able to take care of them for a while. We were certainly not planning to get kittens, but with the combination of it all it was inevitable. My heart was seriously breaking as I was crying thinking of leaving them. I'm allergic to SO many things including cats that I thought keeping them would be impossible. After getting more info Caleb told me we could take them back if I wanted to. After going back and forth many times and weighing the pros and cons my heart told me I needed to take them. I felt like we rescued them multiple times, and so with the help of my awesome mom we got a carrier and brought them on the plane with us to California. Everyone at the airport was dying over these cuties. They did amazing with the 12 hour travel day and waited until our family in CA brought them their litter box. They are best friends and love cuddling and playing with us as much as possible. We would love to hear stories about your pets! Love hearing from you guys


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