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You are loved beyond measure

Have You Gone All In With God?

Have you ever felt darkness surrounding you, and you don’t know which way to turn? I had a nightmare: My sister and I were standing on a deserted beach with thick dark fog around us. Hundreds of tall demon looking creatures dressed with black hoods faceless started surrounding us from all sides holding huge knives . I threw up my hands, not in surrender to them, but in praise to Jesus and sung in such a beautiful voice (wayyy prettier than my actual singing voice 😂) 🎶 Hallelujah Jesus Reigns 🎶 with so much peace and joy in my heart and started dancing in circles around the demons until they all dissolved. This dream seems symbolic to my life. I used to always be overcome by fear and OCD. As a kid, I needed to count to 10 a certain amount of times before I would go to bed or I thought something bad would happen. I was so superstitious and that anxiety crippled my mind. 11.5 years ago a friend saw I was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and said to me, “Why don’t you try going all in with Jesus? You’ve been half in half out or all out, at different points of your life, but what if you tried to go 💯 in?” And soon after I decided to give my life to Jesus, and God became my best friend. Which completely altered the trajectory of my life. Jesus has brought so much freedom to my mind. Years of being in therapy and helping others being a therapist, inner healing prayer, and daily reading of His word and surrender to Him has brought me SO much more peace, freedom and healing over my thoughts and life. Before I felt as the darkness was surrounding me, suffocating me. Now, when I lift my hands to Him, God gives me a peace that surpasses understanding. All the problems in my life are NOT fixed, but Jesus gives me the STRENGTH to get through the difficult things in life. The tangible amazing power of Jesus is evident to me everyday. God’s not dead, and He’s more powerful than you or I could ever imagine. I’m reminded today to dance with joy and spin because of God’s love for us! So I’m wondering, have you ever felt like darkness surrounding you, and you don’t know which way to turn? Love hearing from you! And a reminder: You are loved💕 


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