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You are loved beyond measure

Good Friday

I made you guys some Easter Freebie stock photos, here! Easter weekend always has me reflecting a lot. Today Christians commemorate Jesus being crucified on the cross, good Friday. And then celebrating His resurrection on Easter.  Jesus died for our sins, and to give us hope for resurrection of dead things in our own lives, and life eternal. It makes me think of lies I believe that hinder me from living the life He desires for us as our Father and friend. God wants us to live our fullest life in which He creates us for, as our good good father. One of the biggest toxic thoughts I’ve struggled with throughout my life, and has hindered me to live life to the fullest is...The lie that attention/praise/outward success = being loved & worthy. The lack of these things = not being loved/worthy. In the worlds eyes, this is truth. The more success, attention, praise, notoriety a person gets, = the more important/worthy/loved most people think they are. In God’s eyes, it’s not this way. There was a time in my life where I lost most of the things I once held most dear. It was 9 years ago now, those were some dark sad days for me. But also some of the most formative. I made a choice. I felt like God was saying to my heart, “do you choose everything you once held dear, or do you choose me?” “Am I enough for you.” Yes was my answer, “God, your love is enough” and I felt a love so undeniable in the midst of such a outwardly difficult time in my life, where I didn’t have attention/success etc but the love from God.

And now it makes me see others and myself differently too. Because a person has nothing of significance in the worlds eyes doesn’t make them less worthy of God’s love. And God calls us to see others the way He sees them too. Not from outward appearance, popularity, success, but with eyes of love. I’m soon going to dive deeper into this lie and others from our series, but I’m here to tell you today, that God’s love for you goes so far beyond attention/praise/outward success. I’m trying to hold close to that truth today. Have you struggled with the lie that attention and praise = worth? Would love to hear your thoughts! 


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