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Football Sunday

Well the 2016 Cowboys season is off to a very slow start after losing to the Giants 20-19 at home. The most disappointing part of the game is that they did not play bad, a couple of missed opportunities here and there but just couldn't pull it together in the end. Dez kept up his bad luck streak with touchdown catches being overturned (how he doesn't catch his, and shepherd is able to bring his down is beyond me). Here are my overall thoughts on the positives and negatives of the game. Negatives: Always start with the negatives so we can look forward to what lies ahead with the positives. 1.Defensively against the run when it counted we were not strong. Obviously missing our suspended players today, unable to get to manning to cause more disruptions. 2. With a rookie quarterback starting his first game, it seems as if the Cowboys definitely played it safe with the play calling. Not making the most of big plays hurt the Cowboys and ultimately led to four field goals and only one touchdown. 3. Scandrick looked slow in his first game back, and it seems like our secondary needs some more time to develop and work on not having as many miscues like the ones that happened on the three touchdowns. Mostly done on screen plays for the Gianst receivers. 4. Not getting the ball to one of your biggest playmakers is never okay. You need to get the ball to Dez Bryant and do it a lot of you want to win games. The conservative play calling style does not suit his game, and the coaching staff need to find a way to get him involved. 5 targets to him is never going to get success for the game. Positives: 1. Ezekiel Elliot got his first touchdown. Say what you want about 51 yards (the Giants were definitely loading up the box), Elliot will be happy to get a td in his first game and build on this momentum for this season. 2. Prescott looked very comfortable and in control of the game. Had a few high passes that made me and other fans uncomfortable, but his future looks bright. Great game from him, and he did not turn the ball over which is another positive from his first start on the biggest stage. 3. Defense did not get torched by Beckham Jr., after the first 45 yard catch I was a little worried, but I was happy to see that he wasn't killing the secondary for huge plays. 4. While the result is way too familiar of last seasons drama, I am encouraged for the future in our young stars. I think that once suspensions end, and once the offense gets more used to Prescott and they open it up for him, the results will come. Conclusion: I have to admit I was very frustrated with the result. It was very close to going the other way, I don't blame the game on Williams though he should have tried to get it of bounds. I am excited to see what this year brings and hope that it's a winning record. Go Cowboys! Would love to talk football with anyone who wants to!


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