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Husband and wife  relationship coaches, travel and lifestyle bloggers

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First Animal

What was your first animal? Stefanie and I share a love for animals. My first animal was my dog, Star. Star was a black lab mix with a white star of fur on her chest. She was my best friend growing up, I would dress her up in sports jerseys, play soccer with her, sleep next to her. Star was one of my favorite memories as a kid. She was such a good dog, I miss her a lot. I have never had an attachment to an animal since, that is, until little Blizzy came into our lives two years ago. This little princess (with her flower crown on) came at the perfect time two Christmases ago when we were going through mourning the death of Stefanies grandpa. Blizzy, has truly been such a blessing to us. She is such a kind animal, and when we have play time with her, she loves to jump on top of me and lick me as I pet her. It's to die for! I was unsure as to how I would handle a rabbit as a pet, but ever since we got her I have absolutely fell in love with this animal, she is like a daughter to me. I am so thankful my wife convinced me to give her a chance. We have since added another rabbit to our family in Frosty the snowball. So thankful for my little furry family today! What was your favorite pet growing up? Always love hearing from you guys!


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