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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pick-Ups – Week 10

Every week we take a look at the players to add in fantasy football that will make an impact on your lineup. Fantasy football is always full of surprises, with injuries, suspensions, and horrible play; you have to look to the waiver wire to boost your team. I have compiled a list of key players to give consideration to in the upcoming week per position.


This season has seen the Quarterback position have some up and down numbers, if you do not fully trust your signal-caller for the upcoming week here are some guys to give a look on the waiver wire and possibly start on your team.

Alex Smith, Chiefs (23.5% owned) - The Chiefs have been much improved since the bye week, rattling off two straight wins. Smith has been a big reason why they are successful, if you are in need at QB, Smith is a solid add going forward.

Jay Cutler (1.7% owned) – Jay Cutler looked impressive two weeks ago against the Vikings in route to the Bears second victory of the season. This week he faces a vulnerable Buccaneers team. He has the ability to get the ball to Alshon Jeffrey and that opens up the offense so much more for this team.

Running Back

Running backs have great value in fantasy and if you can find a guy that is going to get consistent carries then you should do well at this position. Here are my picks for waiver wire pick-ups this week.


Alfred Morris, Cowboys (6.6% owned) – It is no secret that the Cowboys run the ball, and they do it well. Morris is a solid add going forward in case of a Elliott injury or because of the success of the Cowboys, Morris gets more reps. Interesting add with a huge upside if you have the space.

Tim Hightower (30.6 % owned) – Hightower provided a change-up for the Saints at running back behind Ingram going for 87 yards and a touchdown last week. Hightower is an interesting add for people looking for help at RB.

Wide Receiver

We have seen some smaller name players taking the lead at this position this season which provides a lot of hope for people needed a solid performer to add to their team.

Brian Quick, Rams (3.6% owned) – Quick has been relatively quiet this season, posting one game with multiple touchdowns against the Cardinals. Quick seems to be a steady target for Keenum in this Rams offense so look for Quick to bring you anywhere from 5-10 points a week if you are in need of consistency with a opportunity at a huge upside.

Terrelle Pryor, Browns (67.4) – Now officially a believer in this dude at WR. Pryor is a big receiver who is mobile and a red zone threat. Pryor will be THE guy in Cleveland for the next few years. Add him if available, he is the 9th rated receiver.

Tight End

A position that can win or lose a matchup for you, and one of the most inconsistent positions in fantasy football if your last name is not Gronkowski. Here are my picks for the waiver wire this week.

Jack Doyle, Colts (36.2% owned) – Doyle has had back to back weeks with a touchdown reception. The synergy is starting to build between Doyle and Luck in the Colts offense. He could be a solid add going forward if you are looking for a guy that has huge upside in a pass heavy offense.

Cameron Brate (14.8% owned) – With touchdowns in each of the past two weeks, Brate is slowly becoming one of Winston’s favorite targets. Pick up Brate if your guy is on bye or injured.

Let me know of any players you have added that have been successful for you this season or past seasons. Who has been your fantasy player of the year so far? I would love to hear your feedback!


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