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Dama + Erick Wedding Day

Dama + Erick Wedding Day

Today Stefanie and I are featuring this wonderful couple whose wedding we shot this past weekend. You might remember them from our Griffith Observatory Engagement Shoot.

GUYS, this wedding was amazing! Their love so apparent, the details on point, and the presence of God overwhelming the chapel in every single moment that we were able to capture.

Dama and Erick’s love for each other is that of fairy tales. One of my favorite moments of the day was walking Erick to the lawn area where we were going to shoot their “first look”, I could tell he was nervous, the anticipation was palpable. He was so excited to see his bride. When she walked up behind him, dressed in all her splendor, the excitement was building up on both of their faces. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder, Erick then turned around and got his “first look”. In that moment, you could see the days, weeks, months, years, of developed love for each other all over their faces. It was that scene in the movie where everything comes together, truly something beautiful.

I may or may not have choked up thinking about their love and feeling so lucky to be a part of that moment. I realized even more how much I enjoy being a part of people’s special days. This moment was for the ages, a “Kairos” moment where I could see clearly our mission and our purpose with this company. To bless the love that our couples have, and to help them build upon their love.

A live worship band sang “Divine Romance” by Phil Wickham for the bride to enter. I mean, man was I blown away by the beauty of that song, and the lyrics that described this divine romance with the Lord, to have them walk out to this truly helped in culminating their love together with Christ in this beautiful ceremony and precession.

With the first look behind us, along with the ceremony, grabbing photos of these two the rest of the day was nothing short of spectacular. Every detail in this wedding were FIRE!!! They thought through so many little things and made it theirs. I consider these two friends, and especially after sharing in this day, we want to bless them beyond their special day by being a support to them in their marriage.

Dama and Erick, thank you for letting us be a part of your most special day and for allowing us to be blessed by your beautiful love.

Creative Team:

Photographers: Unshakable Crown (Stefanie & Caleb)

Wedding Coordinator: Katrina Perez

Florist: Avant Blooms, Deanna

Makeup Artist: Vanessa Haro

Hair Artist: Elizabeth Melrose

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal, Galina Signature

Bridesmaid Dresses: Daniella Bridal and Tailoring

Tuxes: Macy’s

Weddings Dress:

Wedding Venue: Etiwanda Gardens


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