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You are loved beyond measure

Beautiful Restoration

This is Chris and Kinzie and their little one. Their story blew us away! _____ Chris grew up the oldest, without having a father around decided to make it his goal to be the biggest gangster on the streets. As him and his buddies were planning to pull a crime one night his loaded gun went off and hit his sister in the neck. By God’s grace a sentence that could have been 20 years turned out only 3 days. He decided to become a boxer and lived in his car parked outside the gym and then trained all day. He found God in that cold car in Sacramento where it was parked, he was hurting and asking God what he was doing there getting beat up everyday. He felt God say “Just follow me.” Fast-forward, he decided to go to church at the Dream Center in LA and decided to start volunteering at the Dream Center and again by God’s favor and grace he got a job at the Dream Center. _____ Kinzie grew up with an abusive father and it was too much for her mother to handle. Her mother moved to Mexico with her boyfriend because she couldn’t take the abuse anymore. This left Kinzie so alone and to help her siblings. Partying, drugs, men- anything that she could try to get to take her need for a father and distraction from her pain. _____ When Kinzie and Chris were together, Chris told Kinzie about Jesus. She heard God say to her to restore her relationship with her mom. And now her and her mother are very close. _____ Because of what the people of God are doing at the Dream Center, this family is getting a real chance at life.  They are most thankful to be a family and for God’s love in their life. They live at the Dream Center’s Family floor and are surround by people who care, and share love and truth daily as well as helping them with career paths. Join me in wishing so many blessings on this beautiful family! _____ God has made every single life SO very beautiful and precious. His grace and love are unsurpassed, and when situations seem beyond repair, Jesus finds a way to make dry bones come alive. _____ Jesus is near you today, friend. He loves you. Love to hear your feedback! #unshakablecrown 


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