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Bahia Resort Hotel San Diego

Welcome to the Jungle! 🐯🌴🌿 Our San Diego getaway was nothing short than amazing! We loved being able to stay at the same place as last year for my conference @bahiaresortsandiego and loved every minute of it. If you are down there, they have great prices, a private beach, and (Stefanie's favorite part) Gracie and Billy the property owned rescue Seals!!! Adorable! Whenever we travel somewhere we always look for new things to do, to discover, and to create. Between time at the conference for me, and Stefanie working on our company we got to go and enjoy parts of that great city. At our hotel, we found this little garden/"jungle" (that's what we like to call it, so lush and tropical) and made sure that any time we were going out for a walk we went through this "jungle". It's the little things in life that can spruce you right up and make your day a little bit better! On our trip, we got to see an amazing sunset (see two posts ago on our feed @unshakablecrown) we got to snorkel with sea lions, explore balboa park, and we got some much needed beach time! 🏖 This summer had been filled with many ups and downs but all in all we have enjoyed learning to be more present and fall hopelessly in love with each other more each day. What little things do you enjoy that help to spruce up your day? 


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