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10 Things We Take On Every Hike/Walk

10 things to take on a hike/long walk that we can’t go without.

I love this man for so many reasons, but one way he loves me is carrying a backpack around almost everywhere we go. Here’s us at Lake Moraine in Canada, and he’s bringing all the essentials for us to have a very comfortable & enjoyable time.

Today I was thinking how many fun adventures we go on, and how grateful I am that Caleb makes that possible in many ways. My body is super sensitive, and if Caleb wasn’t so generous to carry a backpack everywhere we went I wouldn't enjoy the adventures so much.

We go for at least a 2 mile walk ever night around our town, and we always take this stuff with us along the way as well. And I never carry a purse (I don’t even own one, I know it’s crazy!).

hike & walk essentials

10 things we always bring on a hike or walk:

P.S. Before we take off we spray sun screen (we get a nice smelling organic kind from whole foods/target)

1) A backpack: Caleb loves Nike, but I want to order one of the new backpacks from our gift shop soon! Although this one I made in the link wouldn't look so good on Caleb. Haha.

2) Lots of water! We try to keep super hydrated all of the time. We love HydroFlask’s because it keep our water super cold.

3) Tissues: I have a ton of allergies so I’m always in need of these.

4) Extra phone charger & phone: Since we’re photographers we love capturing moments (and sometimes Pokemon) on our phones.

5) Caleb wears a fitbit, because we love tracking how far we go, or we use the MapMyRun app.

6) A snack, like raisins or blueberries & Gum, to keep that fresh breath, we get a healthy kind from whole foods.

7) Hand sanitizer, we get an organic kind that smells nice from whole foods.

8) Sunglasses and a case because we got to take care of our eyes.

9) We usually always have our business cards on us in case we meet cool people along the way.

10) Chapstick, my favorite is a kind my friend Nikki gave me as a gift, it’s Marble & Milkweed brand.

So that's what we take with us. When we bring our professional camera, theres a lot more we take, but I’ll save that for another post.

Let me know what you think! What do you need on a hike/long walk? Love to hear from you!


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