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Blogger Presets

About The Presets:

You’ve been asking and we can’t wait to share this with you! These are my first Lightroom presets I’m making available, and it’s what I use to edit all of my instagram photos. The #StefaniePresets Blogger Pack for phone AND desktop/laptop of Lightroom is here! 


All of the pictures here are one click of my preset, or very small adjustments such as exposure, tint and temperature. 


-#StefaniePresets (Stefanie is spelled with f) Blogger Pack includes 8 custom Lightroom presets for indoor & outdoor photos: (Blogger 1, Blogger 2, Blue, Indoor, Mountains, Outdoor Grain, Soft and Sunrise). And 6 Presets for phone use (no Lightroom subscription needed for phone version).

-A video showing how to upload and edit on phone.

I purposely underexpose my images this article shares why.


For the phone version, you just need to be able to download the free Lightroom app. ***For the laptop/desktop version you need a subscription to Lightroom. Laptop/desktop versions work best with RAW images.


We love seeing you use our presets and will share on our stories some of them if you use the hashtag -#StefaniePresets.

All presets are final sale! Digital products can not be returned, no refunds are available. Any unauthorized distribution of the is prohibited. Email for customer service inquiries. 

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