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You are loved beyond measure

“You’re Not Good Enough”

She looked us over and with a disappointed and surprised tone of voice & said, “you guys are the ‘models’ for this couple shoot?! I was sure you were just photographers.” And then a little later when we interacted with another women (much skinner than myself), she said, “see, that girl is definitely a model.” Both Caleb and I admitted to each other we felt the sting of her words. ___ It’s not the first time this insecurity has come up. Putting yourself out there online or in front of a camera, there is obvious judgment that can come with it. The lies: you’re not good enough, Stefanie, not pretty enough, not skinny enough to do this, certainly not a ‘model’ for a couples shoot, rings in my head. Part of me just wanted to curl up and hide under covers the rest of the day, to never show up online again. ___ But then I thought, what is the definition of a model? A person displaying clothes by wearing them, or an example to follow or imitate. And I thought of @jennakutcher who I recently saw on her story she doesn’t see herself as a model. But I do, and many others do. She’s on billboards in Time Square for @aerie. And to me and many others, someone to follow or imitate, because of her authenticity, vulnerability, and beauty inside and out. ___ When Caleb and I cuddled on the couch, with photographers taking pictures of us, my insecurities melted away.  Caleb whispered to me how beautiful and special I am, how I’m his best friend and true love.  And I thought to myself: our love is real, our compassion and kindness for others is real. And sometimes that showing up on camera is even more beautiful. She might be disappointed by the way we look, but it would be hard to deny or realness. ___ The most stunning people in the world to be aren’t measured by the size of their waist but the beauty of their hearts. People who are famous to me are those who lead in compassion and kindness, vulnerability and love. So let’s be models of light and kindness to the world, because that kind of beauty never fades. Who’s with me? ___ 📷: @jdphotographyky (story not from this shoot) 


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