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Wonderful Weekend

During the school year, weekends are filled with small chores around the house, adventures we’ve been wanting to go on, and time relaxing together. This weekend has been a little bit of all those things. We got some time to visit one of our favorite places, the LA Zoo, I even got to feed a giraffe 🦒 !! We cleaned house, and got a little time for some friends. When it is so hot, it’s hard to be outside for long as the sweat and heat really get to us.

Luckily, when we get home, our friends at @rawsugarliving have hooked us up with their amazing body wash and hand wash for us to get freshened up and ready for any other type of adventure throughout the day. They are our go-to now for all our bath 🛀 related needs! Plus, the smells of mango and lemon 🍋 are constantly filling our house now. This week, if you buy four @rawsugarliving products at @target you will receive a $5 Target gift card with your purchase. Looks like a @target date is on the agenda for us! #Rawthankyou #Rawlovin #ad #summer #healthy How was your weekend? We love hearing from you! 


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