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Where is Your Hometown?

Where is your hometown and do you still live there? Over 6 years ago I drove across the country from Pittsburgh, PA to Pasadena, CA to get my Masters. Since then I’ve had so many wonderful experiences living in Southern California. The best part, I met the man of my dreams here, which has kept me here as long as it has. There are many things I love about living here but one of the toughest parts about living 2,500 miles away from where I grew up is missing out on so much. I miss my family and friends like crazy. I’ve missed out on many weddings, birthdays, celebrations, and so many others things. The people and family (husbands side) I know around LA don’t see each other nearly as much as the family in Pittsburgh and it’s a much busier, distracted lifestyle here from what I've experienced. Many of the my closest friends from LA and have now moved back to hometowns or are living somewhere else since LA is such a transit place. My husband knows how very hard all this can be for me and is so sweet to do everything he can to help. One thing we love to do is to get away to the mountains. I love the change of seasons and we don’t see that as much here (it’s 94 degrees here today!) We booked a hotel for about $50 (it was still really nice, we had a discount) and went to big bear for a day and half but even for that short time it rejuvenated my soul so much. Not as crowded, slower pace, cooler weather, leaves changing colors were all things I was longing for. Would love to hear about your hometown and where you live or something or someone you're missing today. Love hearing form you! 💛🍂

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