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When The Light Shines

Have you ever longed for the sun to come out? _____ Maybe it’s been in the middle of winter or a series of dark days. The lack of sunlight can actually make people deprived and depressed. _____ I was longing for the sun the morning of this shoot. My clients trusted me that if they got up at 4 in the morning to get her hair and makeup done then show up before 6 in the morning for the sunrise it would all be worth it. _____ The heavy fog didn’t seem to want to clear anytime soon. I tried not to show it, but I was praying and anxious by the lack of light. _____ And then it happened. The most beautiful rays we’d ever seen shown through the trees and left us with the most angelic light we’d ever experienced. _____ I’m longing for the Son’s light today too. And yeah I have dyslexia and don’t always spell correctly, but I got that last spelling right. _____ God sent His one and Only Son to be the light of the world. We long for this light. Christmas lights came to be in representation of this light, and the longing for light we have. _____ “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” ‭‭John‬ ‭1:5‬ _____ If you’re like me & there’s darkness too much for you to handle in your life, the light has come. That’s what this season is all about. To bring light to a land of deep darkness. And the Son’s light brings hope, joy and love to the hearts who receive Him. _____ Are you longing for light today, friends? Love to hear from you below! 👇🏼 


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