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What’s Your Favorite Place You’ve Evee Been?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Dress and hat linked to #likeittoknowit We get so excited at times looking through people’s feeds of all the places that you are from or where you travel. Now, we have done our fair share of traveling around the United States, almost driving coast to coast last summer. We also love traveling outside the U.S. A couple of our favorite spots internationally we have visited are Rwanda and Nicaragua. We definitely have a huge passion for seeing the world and have a desire visit many more different countries. In looking through all the different places that we would like to go, we never forget just how amazing the place we live already is. We have probably done more local traveling than the average person, often making frequent trips to the many beaches of California. But there are still so many places that we would like to explore right around here as well. If you’re ever looking for places to go in SoCal, hit us up! If we could make a travel wish list, the first place on my list would be Santorini, Greece. I just love the blue water and the beautiful city streets around there. Caleb’s first choice would be to visit Paris, France because of all of the history and culture. So one day we definitely want to see some of Europe! Plus, we are constantly looking for new ideas and places that we would like to see. What is your favorite place that you have been? We would love to get some ideas from you! While your at it, tag a friend who loves to travel! 


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