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What Do You Admire About A Family Member?

This is my sister and her husband, at their beautiful farm. They are people who impress us and we admire in so many ways. _____ It was 5 degrees, and felt like -8 while I was taking this picture but that didn’t stop our bro in law from working away. Cows, ducks, horse, chickens, bunnies, cats, goat, pigs are around their farm. Their farm looks idyllic, and it’s always a bit of a fairy tale when we’re there. _____ But the farm life is no joke, they work so hard to make everything stunning and manicured. They always blow us away with the transformations that take place and my bro in law’s handy man skills are so impressive. _____ It’s our last day in Pittsburgh, which is always emotional for me. We have a Christmas celebration with lots of family we haven’t gotten to see yet tonight. _____ We get to see my Aunt who has been battling cancer this year. She’s our hero, having the most positive and grateful attitude during this whole process and is someone else we admire. _____ We’re looking forward to this last hurrah with many loved ones before heading back to sunny warm Pasadena, CA. _____ My heart feels full with love from family and friends. There’s just something about going back to the place I was born and raised and people who have known me forever, who all have different qualities I want to emulate. _____ What’s something about a family member you admire? Love to hear from you! 


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