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They stole a part of my heart- Rwanda

Have you ever been somewhere with people you love, then had to leave and felt like a piece of your heart was missing-because you left it there? I have left my heart in a lot of different places throughout my life. One of these places is Rwanda. Do you see these smiles?!? I’m in love with the people and culture in Rwanda. It’s been several years since I got to visit them, but the lessons they taught me I carry with me everyday. I really hope I can take Caleb someday! Here is one story from my trip that helps my perspective and gratefulness in life.

After dinner one night, we had a lot of left over rice, beans, plantains and sauce (the typical meal). Dama (a wonderful Rwandan man that stayed with us and translated for us) put all the food in a bowl and took it with us as we were walking to our hotel where we stayed. Outside were about six street boys around seven/eight years old. There are many street children in Rwanda with no one to take care of them, they are very malnourished and in need of food and love. Dama told these six boys to sit in a circle on the dirty ground. I wondered how these boys would eat this messy food without any utensils, then thought better of it and realized they would use their dirty hands. I had a picture in my mind that as soon as Dama would sit down the bowl that it would look a little like vultures digging in to devour their pray, I knew these boys had to be very hungry. What happened though was very different. Dama set down the plate in front of the boys, and they all folded their hands, bowed their heads and prayed. I'm so humbled thinking how many times I've complained about things not being just right, and these boys, were praising God for messy food, on a dirty ground, with dirty hands!! They praised Jesus, and then ate their food. Tears streamed down my face as I realized Jesus was showing me a beautiful example of how we need to have thankful hearts and how He provides for all of us. Would love us to think of ways to be more thankful today, and how to extend the gifts we have to serve others. ‘Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever.’ (Psalm 136:1) What are you thankful for today?? 😊

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