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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Caleb here, and I am so happy its almost Christmas!! It’s the time of year when it is cold outside, snow is falling, and getting cozy on the couch is a must. The little things in life become more increasingly magnified, as we take in the reasons we live, love, and laugh. The important things more apparent in these special moments together.

It is in this time of year that I appreciate the each and every day moments that we share together. Stefanie has been a rock for me this year, someone I could rely on when I had nothing left in my tank, who encouraged me even when I wasn’t receptive of it, who loved me despite the person that I am.

When I see the picture above, I am incredibly grateful that God has gifted me with this woman. She IS the definition of love in my life. God proves his existence to me every day when I wake up and see those beautiful eyes next to me. A heart that is full of reckless love and passion for God. The love she has for me and the Lord is contagious and I am so grateful for the positivity and faithfulness she has shown me.

All of this seems to drown out any negativity or darkness that comes up. There is nothing that seems more important this time of year than to appreciate those we love, take in the moments we have together, and to keep it all close to our hearts as we approach a new year and a new beginning.

Each year I feel God teaches me something new through the holiday season, and this year the word that sticks out is GRATEFULNESS. My goal is to make gratefulness my state of mind in the new year, not get too ahead of myself, but appreciate what I have and work hard to make sure that I live in the moment, not two steps ahead.

What are you grateful for this time of year? What strategies help you to stay present in your life? Thanks ahead of time for your tips!!


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